Westin St. John Resort

When it comes to luxury vacation destinations, there is nothing quite like the breathtaking Westin St. John Resort and Villas. Here you will find a lovely tropical hideaway nestled on 47 acres along the shores of Great Cruz Bay. While this is the smallest island out of the US Virgin Islands, it is quickly becoming one of the best places to go when you want to relax and get away from it all.

The temperature all year long averages out at about 85 degrees and the entire region is filled with rich culture and a whole lot of history. With all of the things that you can see and do, you are never going to have a dull moment. From recreational activities to sightseeing and spa treatments, there is really something for everyone at this stunning island paradise.

The Westin St. John ResortIf you are a family that likes to find great, kid friendly destinations, you will never be disappointed with the Westin Kids Club. This is a wonderful beachfront program at the Westin St. John Resort and Villas where you get a mix of education and entertainment geared towards children.

With their participation, they learn all about the natural environment surrounding them as well as the rich culture of the island. Your kids get to experience sailing lessons, arts and crafts, kayaks, floating climbing wall challenges, sand castle building and much more. There is something for each age group from the young all the way up to teen, so there is never a dull moment.

Amazing Accommodations

Westin St John ResortYou will find that the Westin St. John Resort and Villas offers up 175 suites and rooms along with 146 beautiful villas. Each guest has the ability to have a stay that is tailored to their needs so there is always something to love when you book your stay.

From balcony views to patio settings, there are rooms that make you feel as though you have been whisked away to your own tropical oasis. Some of the rooms even have a luxurious spa shower experience. All you have to do is inquire ahead of time to make sure that you are able to pick the room that is equipped with such an amazing feature.

Beautiful Wedding Venue

One of the things that the Westin St. John Resort and Villas prides itself on is being a fully functional wedding venue. If you are looking to have a destination wedding, you have options for a lush foliage background or your own private beach for your ceremony.

When it comes to your reception, you will have a full staff available to make sure that you have the best party that you could ever ask for. There is nothing better than such a lovely destination for your wedding abroad.

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