Varadero, Cuba – A Complete Destination

Varadero is a multifaceted destination in the Caribbean island of Cuba. Just the same as Cuba itself, Varadero has a huge number of sandy beaches, but this is not all. There are assortments of attractions other than the beaches.

The culture of the city is one of the most rewarding, as is the nightlife and dining options. The city has quite a few options for entertainment. There are a good number of sights related to nature and flora and fauna as well. There is no dearth to quality at all.

The huge number of spectacular caves in the region is one of the main attractions in Varadero. The most popular cave among these are the Bellamar Caves, a simply spectacular attraction with carsick crystalline and stalagmite formations.


Apart from these natural additions to the beauty of the cave, what really makes Bellamar Caves stand out with respect to others is the frescoes painted on the walls of the caves. These caves have been lived in by people in the ancient times, as suggested by the wall paintings, and the fossils found here.

The Delfinario is another destination worth visiting when you are on a holiday with family and kids. The venue is perfect if you want to watch dolphins. There are many world famous dolphin shows organized here, and it is also possible to swim with dolphins. The dolphins are kept in a natural fresh water lagoon, and approach the keeper when they want to appear in a show, and not vice versa.

Varadero has a wealth of flora and fauna that is native to this region. The city is situated in the Matanzas Province, famous for being where The Bay of Pigs Invasion took place. The Cienaga De Zapata nature reserve, situated in the area, is the only location on earth where the rare bee hummingbird can be found.

Bird watching is one of the most fun activities in Cuba, as there are a number of rare birds. There are a number of native birds such as Neotropical Cormorant and the Cuban Crow. There are a number of endangered or threatened species.

The Cradero Cocodrillo Centre, situated only a short distance from Cienaga de Zapata is another fun location. It is the biggest center for crocodiles in the country. The Cuban crocodile is a unique species that is found only in the wild. You can hold a baby crocodile in your hands.