Trinidad – A Guide to Beaches

Trinidad can not be called as an ultimate beach destination; however this exciting island has its share of luscious stretches of sand. A visit to this island would be incomplete if the beaches are not visited. The bright sun, along with the cooling trade winds that blow constantly make for some lovely beach experiences. The weather here is warm in the major part of the year. The four coasts that Trinidad has are all different from one another, as the water bodies that touch them are three distinct ones.

The islands of Trinidad and Tobago are quite contrasting from one another. Trinidad is the more happening of the two islands that make up Trinidad and Tobago, with bustling trade and commerce, astounding cultural eclecticism and pulsating entertainment. Tobago is the quieter brother, with gorgeous landscapes and rich flora and fauna, and really nothing much else.

The more popular among Trinidad’s beaches are located at the northern coastal line of the island, Maracas, Blanchicheusse and Las Cuevas which meet the Atlantic Ocean. The waters get a bit on the rougher side in the period between November to April. North east cost is pure surfing country, with beautiful breaks afforded for surfers. The north east coast is in the line of the north east trade winds. The currents are rather uncertain, so it is important that you ask the locals on the areas that are safe for bathing.

The east coast beaches which have waves of the Atlantic crashing on the coast, are a different story from the northern coastal beaches. The currents get pretty strong, and swimming is foolhardy. The west coast, which is protected by the Gulf of Paria, is much more on the tranquil side. The Chaguaramas area is dominated by heavy yacht traffic and industry and is not at all good for swimming. The beaches are lovely, but the constant traffic and industries have rather murkied up the waters. The beaches in the southwest are the same, and the numerous oil and petrochemical industries here are responsible for contamination of the other wise beautiful beaches.

The following is a list of the best beaches in Trinidad, and the most popular destinations for beach trips here.
The North coast

Maracas Bay :

Maracas Beach is easily the best preferred beach located at North Trinidad, and the facilities and amenities that are on offer are world class. There are also some excellent eateries which serve some heavenly cuisine. Maracas is also a favorite spot with campers during the time of Easter ( you require a permit to camp, though ). There are a good number of good hotels located nearby. The areas that are not safe for bathing are indicated by Red flags. Life guards are on duty between 10 a m to 6 p m everyday.

Maracas Beach

Tyrico Bay :

Another excellent beach, Tyrico is the perfect location to head to if you are a bit averse to crowds. This is quite near Maracas and its facilities. There are life guards on duty here from 11 a m to 5 p m.

Las Cuevas Bay :

A good beach for bathing, and there are a lot of minuscule caves that line the Las Cuevas beach where you can take shelter if the sun gets too much. There are some good facilities, like car parking space, beach furniture like tables and benches, as also changing facilities with showers and restrooms. There is also a snack bar here. Lifeguards are on duty between 10 a m to 6 pm everyday.

Blanchicheusse :

Blanchicheusse is a favorite spot to get away during weekends with locals, and there are some attractions nearby as well apart from the beach. There are some hiking routes that go to a waterfall nearby, as well as hikes to the rain forests. There are quite a few guesthouses and houses that can be rented nearby, and many more keep coming up every now and then. The Marianne River is also an excellent spot for kayaking enthusiasts.

Scotland Bay :

Scotland Bay is a protected bay in Chaguaramas and can only be reached by boat. The crystal clear and tranquil waters make for some excellent swimming and snorkeling.

Macqueripe Bay :

Another isolated bay located at the extreme edge of Tucker Valley Road in Chaguaramas. The beach was recently restored and has some good amenities.

Northeast coast

Matura :

The waters here are rather on the rough site, and swimming is not advised. The leatherback turtle nests in this area in the months of March and August.

Saline (“Sally”) Bay :

Often referred to as Sally Bay, this should not be confused with Salybia Bay, saline Bay is an excellent swimming beach with clear waters. Great facilities with lifeguards and other amenities are available on weekends.

Balandra Bay :

A good location to body surf and to swim, Balandra is a sheltered beach.

Salybia Bay :

A favorite with surfers, surfing goes on from November to April. From between June and September, swimming is practiced. A reef is located at the periphery off the eastern end. Good facilities have recently been introduced.

Grande Rivière :

Grande Riviere is the second largest nesting site for leatherback turtles in the planet, and is a great beach for a lot many things, including hiking in the forests, river rafting and kayaking. There are good accommodation options available, and there is no dearth for facilities either.
Southeast Coast

Manzanilla :

Manzanilla is an excellent location for sunbathing, and this beach is kisses the “Cocal” in the road. There are good amenities in selected areas. An estuary which is the meeting point of Nariva River to the sea, and there are a good number of accommodation options as well.


A beautiful beach, Mayaro is the longest beach in the island, and is an excellent location for taking long walks in the sands. Also, the “chip chip” which is a marine organism, is much prized as a delicacy. Mayaro has been subject to a bit of contamination due to industries. Good number of holiday homes and guesthouses can be found here.

Quinam Beach:

Quinam is possibly the most popular beach in the south coast, and is about a mile long. The waters here are tranquil and great to swim in. The fine sand is soft and brown. The beach has some good amenities as well as hiking paths in the forests.

Vessigny Beach :

Not the most beautiful of beaches in the island, however, this has been a good setting for a good number of parties and trips. The facilities are good, and there are good changing facilities, picnic tables and eateries. Pollution is rather a problem, and the industries have been blamed.
Southwest Coast

Granville Beach :

The scenic drive to Granville gets really thrilling at times, and this is famous as a party spot and nightlife.

Columbus and Cedros Bays :

Columbus and Cedros bays are both extremely beautiful when the weather is good. Cedros beach is the widest in Tobago when the tide is low. Wonderful bays and quaint fishing hamlets make for some excellent views of the coast, and when the weather is clear enough one can even see Venezuela. Not many facilities, but a good amount of bars and restaurants.