Tortola, British Virgin Islands

Tortola, the crème de la crème of the British Virgin Islands, is the capital island as well as the most visited and the most populated island in the archipelago. Very much a cruise ship favorite, there is no dearth to natural beauty here, luscious bits of beach, verdant hills, azure waters et al.

The eastern ends of the island the spectacular snow white beaches lie in the north shore. These slope very gently into the sea, and have some gentle waves, ideal for relaxed dips. There are some rougher beaches as well; it is advisable that you ask someone or check for sign boards before you plunge in.

Tortola British Virgin Islands

Long Bay, Beef Island

Long Bay is the nearest to the airport, and it only takes about five minutes from there. This is a long, crescent shaped beach. Long Bay is rather on the less visited side, and is perfect for some peace and quiet. There are not many facilities here.

Lambert Bay

Lambert beach stretches quite long, and the surf here is medium. The water here is rather murky at places, may be due to the ship traffic. Two well indicated roads lead to both the hotel located here, and the beach. The hotel restaurant is available for lunch and dinner.

Josiah’s Bay

Surfing country, the breaks here are popular with both local and foreign surfing aficionados. Good expanse of sand, as well as a heavy surf and some rough currents in places, principally at the corners. It is possible to swim here safely as long as you keep out of the deep areas as well as the corners, where the undertow is. The beach gets deep pretty gradually, and you can go a pretty good distance from the shore before you reach the depths. Two informal restaurants and bars are located here. The Grape tree, is the more pocket friendly option, and has some great food. The other bar, which is larger in size, has a well stocked bar as well.

Brewer’s Bay

Brewers Bay is the only beach that has sands that are not the staple white, like other beaches here, the sands have a deep golden tint to them. The waters turn a bit murky here, mainly due to the run off that flows into the sea through routes from the mountains. The bay is perfect snorkeling turf when it is calm. You can snorkel right off the beach. A good place for food as well as some relative peace and quiet, Brewers Bay has another sight – pelicans diving for fish.

Cane Garden Bay

Cane Gordon Bay is the most popular tourist island, and is rather on the populous side. There is a mooring spot for boats, and the beach extends for about three fpouths of a mile. Thre are quite a few restaurants and some vendors here, as also a super market close by. Live music can be enjoyed at Quitos, which is run by a local guitar virtuoso, Quito Rymer, who is quite famous in the reggae scene.