Puerto Rico vacation experiences

Puerto Rico one of the most beautiful places on earth and indeed its treasure chest to be explored. Caribbean is a dream destination for most of people all over world and visiting Puerto Rico is complete package for Puerto Rico is island of Enchantment. Puerto Rico is jewel box of nature and even man made activities. Sharing with you, the list of exciting experience which you can do in Puerto Rico:

Puerto Rico Culebra

Puerto Rico Culebra

Visit to see mysterious San Juan:

The old San Juan has some beguiling spells, cobblestone streets, grand fortresses, ramparts of the El Morro, pastel painted colonial buildings, every direction you go in this old San Juan there is some allure, ending with sparkles of the Atlantic. Through labyrinth of streets see historical sights as well get along with rowdy locals and dance on salsa rhythms.


When it comes to beaches of Puerto Rico, you are completely going to love everything about it. Puerto Rico has one of the world’s best beaches Playa Flamenco, crescent shaped beach with golden hue in sand where you can see coolest cool people from all over the world. Nice place to do bird watching in that sense. Playa Isla Verde is more like Brazil kind of beach. Kind of secluded, hideaways in mangrove shades along with surfs in the west a powerful beach combination.

Bioluminescent bays:

Bays in Vieques reveals the fantastic phenomenon of bioluminescent waters in the bay, a profound wonder, natures magic trick, enjoy this sparkle with swimming option or even kayaking and see jewels flickering in water drip from your hands or stroke those paddles through it.


Beisbol is baseball which you must catch in Puerto Rico for sure. Caribbean has affair with sports and one such is Baseball. There are baseball games of nine innings which will give the thrill and excitement of games and tickets are cheap. Baseball fans are in for treat in oversized stadiums here. The zeal of people playing baseball is commendable with so many low key games being played there.

Rum cocktails at sunset:

Elixir served in cold and tall glass, namely pina coladas or the favourite Cuba Libre that is mix of rum with coke and wedge of lime. And best time to have them is during sunset, the most beautiful time of the day. Savour in rum and sunset at Tamboo tavern or comfortable Eclipse a uptown destination, Rincon’s ultra-chill a surfers hang out.

Swimming and Snorkelling:

Puerto Rico has amazing sites for diving, snorkelling and even for pleasure swimming. There are coral reefs in south west. Go east coast or satellites islands off in main island every place will give you awesome fun in waters. One of the best time to paddle around in waters is in morning when waters are calm and clear which will give you visibility deep 25 feet. Water is so crystal clear that you will be able to see riots of colored fishes. See even the coral formations and may be get chance to see the ray. Isla Desecheo’s is on the list of every divers for the high dive.