Tobago vacations

Trinidad and Tobago are arguably the most loved destinations in the Carribbean. The sheer versatility of the islands as a destination for travelers makes it so popular. The island of Trinidad is like a boisterous brother, with pulsating nightlife, a ton of activities, steel bands, entertainment and more. Tobago is quieter, with an idyllic charm that Trinidad can never have. The island is also home to a veritable abundance of natural resources. Tobago vacations may not be as filled with action as Trinidad, but in no way is this a bad thing.

Tobago island is the perfect place to head to if you want to recharge your batteries. Tobago is suitable for those who would like some downtime from the crowded beaches, the noise and the costs of more popular/ populous islands in the Caribbean. You can have a fun time here staying close to nature, and building a close rapport with the inner self, and whatever else you would like to build close rapports with.

Tobago vacations have a versatile nature. Tobago island boasts of pristine white sand beaches on the south west coast, whereas on the north east coast, there are some heavenly golden sanded beaches. There is a selection of the best activities ever.

Pigeon Point Tobago

Pigeon Point Tobago

There is something for everyone. There are a huge number of water sports on offer, from diving, snorkeling, fishing, paragliding, sailing, boating, surfing among others. You can get a taste of nature b y going on hikes along beautiful nature trails.

You will see some beautiful water falls, streams and rivers. There certainly is no dearth to quality here. If you are a sports enthusiast, you can play golf at the various golf courses, there is one championship golf course of eighteen holes, plus a nine hole course.

The Buccoo reef is a famous reef close to Tobago, and is a popular destination. There are a number of beautiful reefs off the Speyside location. You can visit these lovely reefs on glass bottomed boats. Trips for the reefs leave everyday.

The glass bottomed boats allow for excellent viewing of the marine wealth, and the sight of the myriad brightly colored tropical fish teeming around the undersea coral formations make for nothing less than a psychedelic experience. The Nylon Pool is another famous location, a sand bar pool that is claimed to be a fountain of youth.

Tobago vacations are grossly incomplete if you miss out on exploring the verdant rainforests here. There are a huge number of rewarding species of flora and fauna that inhabit these forests, and especially for bird watchers, the island is a paradise. Also try to spot some turtles.