The Great Blue Hole Travel Experiences

Situated off the Belize coast, the great Blue Hole is located right in the center of the Lighthouse Reef ecosystem. With an underwater sinkhole measuring around 984 feet, this plunges down 394 feet deep and gives divers a clear paradise to explore and enjoy.

The Great Blue Hole and the reef that surrounds this area is home to the Blacktip Shark, and the Caribbean Reef Shark, alongwith the giant groupers, and nurse sharks. These abound in aquatic life and the sinkhole is a major tourist spot in the North America Travel Guide.

If you are a scuba diving enthusiast, then this is a place you should not miss. Only experienced divers are allowed and they should have had some sort of understanding and training. The dive site here is very special and is something that you would remember forever.

Lying in the middle of the Lighthouse Reef, this is a small atoll around 45 km from the mainland and is off the Belize coast. This circular hole is 1000 feet wide and 400 feet deep. This large underwater sinkhole has been formed some 15000 years ago. The sea water froze into glaciers and brought the surrounding water down by at least 400 feet. At this time, the limestone on the floor bed of the sea got exposed to these elements. When limestone deposits came in contact with fresh water, then the caverns were formed. Gradually there was a roof and over a period of time, this roof collapsed and created what we call the Blue Hole today.

The lovely waterbody looks enthralling with its spectacular beauty and lovely, peaceful turquoise waters. This hole is surrounded by jungles and the whole sight of these coral formations is stupendous.

The cavern system ambience is beautiful and enchanting and the Blue Hole is a wonderful place to visit. Come to North America and enjoy this beautiful paradise.