The Dominican Republic’s best beaches

If there is one place in the Caribbean I could point you to for inexpensive resorts and sugar-white beaches, the Dominican Republic would be my destination of choice. It’s romantic, a fantastic place to go with the family and it’s one of the fastest growing attractions in the Caribbean.

However you can’t go to any locations similar to a place as great as the Dominican Republic without sitting back in the shade under a parasol, with the occasional gentle breeze creeping through your hair whilst you absorb the gentle sound of the sea simmering in the sunlight- all of this is made possible in the Dominican Republic where some of the most beautiful beaches lie.

The beaches in the Dominican Republic are unspoiled Caribbean jewels that sparkle in the island sun. The country takes pride in having over 800 miles of magnificent coastline where vacationers will be spoiled for choice! But where are the best beaches to go?

The small town of Puerto Plata is one of the island’s most popular beach destinations. 80% of the visitors who travel here only come for the luscious beaches and when they arrive they are overwhelmed to say the least. The soft white sands and aquamarine waters are enough to have any holiday makers eyes light up. The clear blue waters are home to a Small offshore coral reef which is just brilliant for snorkeling and will provide a once in a lifetime experience only available here at Puerto Plata. And for those lucky few these beaches also provide shore-side accommodations with fantastic views and promises that when you are there you will never want to leave.

Moving east away from Puerto Plata you’ll find the small fishing village of Sosua. Although small and has little to offer the town boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in all of the island. This is hardly a place to stay but defiantly a place to visit when you want to soak up some of the beautiful surroundings.


Sosua beach

Windsurfing in the Dominican Republic is a hugely famous sport and it’s all made possible on the nothern coast of the island, most notably Cabarete. Located about 25 minutes away from Puerto Plata, Cabarete has unbelievably attractive sands with a steady cool wind making it perfect for Windsurfing and getting the traditional beach feel. Also if you visit around June you will be blessed with the annual Windsurfing competition which is held there or even get involved and catch some nice waves.