The 5 Best Beaches near Cancun, Mexico

As soon as you step off the plane at Cancun International Airport, you are surrounded by the sights, sounds and exotic perfumes of paradise. The beautiful beaches of Cancun are world-renowned, and there are so many to choose from!

Laguna Nichupt, an inland lagoon, lies on the western side of the island. While there are no beaches to speak of, there are many restaurants, bars and clubs to be explored. On the seaward coasts of the island, white sand beaches create a wide range of beautiful, relaxing locations.

While there are no nude beaches in Cancun, some women go topless while soaking up the sun. This is most prevalent in Playa del Carmen and the Mayan Riviera. If you’re concerned, then check out the beach before taking your children along.

All of Cancun’s beaches are open to the public, but remember you may have to look for access points, as the hotels bordering the perfect sands are private property.

Cancun beach

The north side of Cancun has beaches that are ideal for swimming and watersports, as the ocean is sheltered by the nearby Isla Mujeres, creating a calm stretch of ocean protected from high waves. There are several major beaches located within the hotel zone, including:

Playa Las Perlas
A beautiful relaxing locale ideal for swimming, kayaking, sailing and other water sports. For those who would rather not get their feet wet there are restaurants and bars bordering on the sands, offering a cool drink to enjoy in the shade of the palm trees.

Playa Linda
This beach offers dive tours and has a shuttle The submarine that you can take to Isla Mujeres. Many people are intoxicated with the idea of riding in an actual submarine.

Playa Langosta
This beach hosts a number of diving and snorkel tours for those who want to see the underwater world around Cancun. No matter what your level of experience you can get up close to the incredible marine life that makes this region of the world its home.

Playa Caracol
Located near Punta Cancun this is an ideal beach for families with slam children. The seabed is flat and sandy, forming a stretch of beautiful shallow water for paddling and play. Be warned, though, that this is one of the most crowded beaches along the strip.

The east side beaches are un-sheltered, facing directly on to the Caribbean ocean. If you are looking to surf in Cancun then the eastern beaches are your best bet, but Cancun does not offer consistently good surfing conditions. Check the surf reports before you grab your board!

Playa Ballenas
One of the most popular beaches in Cancun this beach is fantastic for people-watching as you soak up the sun. Strong currents make swimming hazardous at times, so take care if you decide to cool off in the ocean.

San Miguelito
If you’re looking for some architectural history alongside your relaxation then the Mayan ruins near this beach make this a must-see! The sandy stretch is perfect for relaxing after trekking around the ancient wonders Cancun has on offer.

There are many beautiful beaches on the island of Cancun and along the surrounding coast. Those listed above are just a glimpse of what Cancun has to offer, so take of your shoes and get sand between your toes!