Summer Travel Guide: U.S. Virgin Islands on a Budget

Visiting the U.S. Virgin Island on a budget is probably a dream of mine and yours. The U.S. Virgin Islands gives you the feel of the Bahamas without the hefty price. U.S. visitors can enjoy being protected under the United Stated laws, but enjoy the pleasant warmth and comfort of another country. This beautiful land is full of diversity and breath taking scenery. Here is a summer travel guide to the U.S. Virgin Islands on a budget:

The U.S. Virgin Islands is made up to four main islands. They all hold their own values and way of doing things. The most popular and safest for U.S. natives is the island of St. Thomas. This is mostly because you will be surrounded by other Americans. It is has been rumored that some of the U.S. Virgin Island natives possess a little hostility towards Americans; so this would be beneficial. Here’s a little bit of info about each island you should know before traveling there.

St John beach

St. John- Next to St. Thomas, St. John is the one of the most open lands available to tourist. This island can be considered a national park which has limitless forest and trees that stretches to open beaches. Most visitors will make it to this island from St. Thomas. Most of the tourist never really gets to see the most populated neighborhoods. Getting to this island requires a big budget if you are a fan of cheap vacations U.S. Virgin Islands. A round trip from Charlotte Amalie can cost you around $44. The drivers will take you to a popular hiking area called the ‘Trunk Bay’ which holds a favorite activity; snorkeling.

Be prepared to enjoy white sand on the popular beaches. In St. Thomas, Magens Bay is another place you can spend your time without it being crowded. Other popular beaches are Coki and Lindberg. To save money for transportation, try to negotiate fees with a cab driver.

Sugar bay beach

One of the most expensive activities while visiting the U.S. Virgin Islands is ‘sailing’. This can cost you around $85-$125. If you are on a tight budget, avoid this at all cost. Instead, try to enjoy cheaper activities such as snorkeling, jet skiing or a nice picnic.

One of the best places to go shopping is the VINOW. Also, if you want to bargain shop, go to the St. Thomas area. You can find deals on diamonds, electronics and crystals. Try to avoid renting a car, as the narrow roads can be exhausting and may take some time to get use to.