St Lucia, Helen of the Caribbean

St Lucia ( pronounced Loo – sha ) is an island nation located in the Caribbean sea, and is a tiny beautiful jewel that adorns the region. St Lucia is among the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean, and the name “Helen of the Caribbean” is used by a lot of people who have been fascinated by the beautiful island. Relatively lesser known that other tourist trap islands in the Caribbean, St Lucia remains one of the best destinations in the Caribbean, romantic and intriguing.

St Lucia is located among the Leeward Islands in the Lesser Antillean archipelago, and is placed about half way up the Eastern Caribbean chain of islands and is flanked by St Vincent and Martinique on either side. St Lucia has Barbados in the south. Also the island is about fourteen miles wide, and about 27 miles long, and is shaped rather like a mango. The eastern shore of St Lucia is kissed by the Atlantic Ocean, while the tranquil Caribbean Sea fondles the heavenly west coast.

The Pitons of St. Lucia

The Pitons of St. Lucia

The natural beauty of the island of St Lucia is such that it is reminiscent of South Pacific Islands like Bora Bora and Tahiti. Volcanic in formation, St Lucia is filled with undulating hills draped in greenery, verdant mangrove forests, endless farmland as well as an assortment of unsullied beaches. The constant breeze that blows because of the trade winds makes for a clement weather.

Tourism was not very developed till some years ago in St Lucia, and sugar cane and banana exports were the chief sources of income for the island. It is also in the recent times that the government has woken up to the benefits of tourism, and is pushing the tourism industry in the island.

A unique treasure trove of natural wonders plus some heavenly beaches, in addition to the flora and fauna, the island of St Lucia is set to become a definite star. The mountains make for some heavenly landscapes, all shrouded in green. The flowers that line the streets fill the air with their fragrance.

The island has a culture that has retained its flavor as well as the English and French influences that are visible to this day. The island was played passing the parcel with more than 14 times in the past, and the cultural influences are visible in all their diversity. There are both French and English influences.

island of St. Lucia

St. Lucia

The warm and friendly locals are the very epitome of hospitality, and as the island has remained undiscovered by the tourists hordes for such a long times there is still time left for the island to become a tourist trap island and lose its flavor, it is highly imperative that you visit here before this happens. This will ensure that there is enough of the tiny island to spare for everyone.

There is a plethora of possibilities that the island hold for a multitude of activities. The uneven geography makes for some hiking trips, trekking, the forests are excellent places to get a taste of the flora and fauna. There are some extremely rewarding sights for a birdwatcher in the form of brightly plumed birds. The Pitons both rising upto 2, 000 feet make for great treks. Mountain biking, trekking, walking, a plethora of activities, and this is without mentioning the sea at all.

Snorkeling and diving are some of the most rewarding in the world, as the coral reefs are populated by marine wealth that is extremely unique. The crystal clear waters and sandy beaches make for the playgrounds for myriad activities, and this is inclusive of water sports, sailing, beach volleyball, cricket and much much more. There are also tennis courts, golf courses and many more facilities.