St John All-Inclusive Resorts

If you wish to visit the Caribbean on a holiday and still remain in the United States, visiting the Virgin Islands can make your wishes come true. These islands along with islands belonging to Britain and Spain form a sort of border between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic. They are about 3 hours away from Miami by air and can also be reached by sea, through many cruise ships that do make it their destination.

St John is one of the islands and is well known because sixty percent of its area is covered by the Virgin Islands National Park. This is due to the fact that when the land was donated to the US government by the Rockefellers it was specifically meant for the National Park Service and there were further stipulations that development would not be allowed. Whatever St John all-inclusive resorts resorts do exist on the island is on land leased to resorts by the park. Such resorts go for low level luxury that is completely without the glitter that comes from modern day living and says no to digital distractions. This makes it a perfect place to be in a place, where you are really cut off from home and its fast pace.

The Westin St. John ResortSt John all-inclusive resorts are situated over seven beaches, which are completely secluded, thus allowing you to enjoy the pristine surroundings that much better. The all-inclusive packages that these resorts offer allow you to avail of services that include three meals, drinks and other services. Most of these resorts are geared to cater to families and will include water sports, games rooms and other facilities to keep their guests occupied while on a holiday. Where shopping is a part of the resort’s facilities, visitors have no need to go anywhere and can take full advantage of their holiday without having to leave the resort.

If you want to book in with St John all-inclusive resorts, this can easily be done by travel agents or you can do the same booking yourself over the internet. One thing that you have to bear in mind is that St John has no airport, so you will have to fly in to the adjacent St Thomas airport and catch a ferry to come to St John. These are fairly frequent and reliable and do not take a very long time, because the distance between the two islands is hardly four miles. A number of these resorts give special facilities for the elderly and this makes them into real family resorts that entire families can take advantage of.

When you come to St John you will find it full of a lot of very attractive beaches and other natural beauty. It is famous as a destination for honeymooners and those who really value their privacy. Resorts in St John are expensive and normally attract only the affluent, though many of these people may prefer to live in private villas and cottages. Snorkeling is a favorite with tourists, as are sailing charters that take you around all the Virgin Islands.