St Eustatius Island

St Eustatius is what the minuscule Dutch Caribbean island is officially called, but generally the locals and tourists to this island calls it Statia. Statia Island is placed among the Windward Islands in the West Indies. The island was among the most vital trading hub for the Dutch in this area of the Caribbean. A sleepy island that is tranquil and beautiful, St Eustatius is the very spot in the Caribbean to head to if you are in want of peace and quiet and some downtimes from the madding crowds.

A picturesque island and a peaceful one, Statia’s residents are mostly farmers and a major portion of the 8 square mile area that the island has is encompassed by verdant farmland. Agriculture is the major source of income. As Statia has yet not transformed itself into a tourists populated spot, tourism is secondary to agriculture in terms of source of income. The tourism industry is centered on the budget staying options, hikes, Dutch monuments and diving (wreck!), and the island makes for a heavenly holiday that makes for an activity filled time. The Dutch influences are visible. The Capital of Statia is Oranjestad.

The Oranje beach is a heavenly stretch of sand located in the island, and is among the most popular beaches in the whole of Statia. This is much loved by both natives as well as holidaymaking tourists. Statia also has the inactive volcano The Quill, this is now dormant.

St. Eustatius Island

St. Eustatius Island

Dutch is the spoken language, but English is equally used, and is understood and spoken by a large number of people. You will be able to get by if you are proficient in either of these languages. The currency that is officially used is the Netherlands Antilles Gilder. United States Dollars are also in acceptance by a majority of the establishments. Transport around the island is not at all difficult, and most places around the island are easily accessible. There are cars that can be hired, or else you can catch one of the taxis which ply all around the island. These are relatively easy to catch, and there is no dearth to other options. You can also rent a bike at the various points and bike through the tracks.

The way that is best advised if you want to travel to Statia is via air. Statia has an airport of its own, The Franklin Delano Roosevelt Airport.

Statia may not be among the famous islands in the Caribbean, but the island has a charm and atmosphere that is very much its own, and the beauty and inherent appeal of Statia is something that has to be seen to be believed. There is no dearth to Statia’s beauty, and the lack of tourist population makes for an intimate and tranquil atmosphere that is the perfect feeling that one wants when one is inundated by tourist hordes in the more touristy islands. Activity filled and tranquil, a holiday in Statia may be just what you are looking for.