Sirenusa Resort

Anyone who conducts a little history research will discover that the Sirenusa Resort was originally a 47-unit luxury condominium estate.  It was found on the 5 acre property of St. John presenting with different sized bedroom villas.  Today, it has been altered to display a 22-unit resort which allows only 18 of these to be inhabited with 6 currently being developed.

The Sirenusa Resort adds a sense of sophistication to St. John in its superior design and construction of the different villas and private homes available.  The outstanding views and architectural developments are what makes this resort highly popular among visitors to the area.

Sirenusa Resort  - St. JohnWhat do the villas look like?

As is mentioned, the resort has a superior and breathtaking style that enhances the St. John area.  This is due to the Italian-style and Mediterranean-colored architecture, making the villas authentic and instantly recognizable.

Where is Sirenusa Resort located?

An outstandingly beautiful location and exquisite residences cannot be found just anywhere; it requires a specific location – above the small town of Cruz Bay (the cultural hub of the island of St. John).  Mythology states that the Greek Sirens inhabited the area contributing to its Mediterranean Charm, and the name SIRENUSA.  The luxurious beaches and tranquil waters create for the ideal get-away and set the stage for an extraordinary experience.

Sirenusa Resort  - St. John

What are the Sirenusa Resort villas like?

In order to enhance the Mediterranean experience, the villas of Sirenusa Resort have been designed to face the luxurious beaches and tranquil ocean view.  By following this architectural design the units do not affect any original residences, yet still enjoy their outstanding holiday view.

The villas have been placed atop a hill on the St. John island allowing for the perfect view of neighboring island St. Thomas, as well as the Pillbury Sound.  Furthermore, this location ensures a great degree of privacy alongside the convenience of reaching public services.

What about the Sirenusa Resort clubhouse?

As with all villa holiday communities, there is the presence of a communal clubhouse; however permanent residences do not always have this option.  This is a unique feature among Sirenusa Resort residents as they are offered the option of communal amenities.

At Sirenusa Resort, you will be allowed unlimited access to all the clubhouse facilities.  This includes game rooms, public house rooms, and the facility to book rooms for private gatherings.  There is also the fitness room, which is similar to gyms, which feature all forms of exercise equipment such as treadmills and rowing machines.  Some clubhouses also offer a public pool which can be used at different hours of the day.

Sirenusa Resort  - St. John

The Sirenusa clubhouse will be situated in a location not far from the villas and still overlooking the ocean – an outstanding sight.  Featuring a terraced sundeck, all residents can take opportunity of the Mediterranean sun during the summer months.

While many use the clubhouse for leisure activities, it should also be noted that this may be used for business meetings and conferences.  An administration office where you can organize such events is located in a separate public area and is similar to a city office.