Rincón Bay Beach

Rincón, which means “corner” in Spanish, indeed occupies a remote corner at the westernmost tip of the island. Its privileged position guarantees you a perfect place from which to view the glorious tropical sunsets as they splash over the broad canvas of the sea.

Rincón was the site of the World Surfing Championships in 1968, and since then has gained a reputation as the surfing capital of the Caribbean. A generation of international surfers has challenged the fast and furious offshore waves; so many have settled in the village that it has developed an expatriate subculture.

Rincón straddles the rough Atlantic and the gentle Caribbean, so its six beaches provide the best of both worlds. The town’s public beach is especially popular among families who enjoy its calm and clear blue waters, and the convenience of parking spaces, rest rooms and food stands. In the unlikely case that you tire of swimming, snorkeling or sunning here, the area is perfect for collecting seashells and sea glass.
The proximity to the Mona Passage, the winter highway for migrating humpback whales, makes Rincón an ideal place for whale watching.

How to Get There
From LMM International Airport take Road 26 (Baldorioty de Castro Ave.) towards San Juan. Take exit Bayamón/Arecibo via Minillas Tunnel. Continue towards Arecibo on toll Road 22. From Arecibo take Highway 2 towards Rincón, taking the second exit at Road 115.