Puerto Rico, a Veritable Paradise

Puerto Rico is a heady mixture of American efficiency and the relaxed Latin atmosphere. The heavenly locales, cosmopolitan population, cultural diversity and natural beauty make Puerto Rico one of the most loved island destinations in the world. Many consider Puerto Rico the star of the Caribbean. Literally meaning “rich harbor” or “rich port” Puerto Rico is indeed rich, with an abundance of heavenly beaches, exquisite natural beauty, illustrious history and above all, a pleasant and warm people.

The island of Puerto Rico is a self governing commonwealth coming under the United States. It is located in the Caribbean Sea with Dominican Republic to its west, and the U S Virgin islands to its east. Puerto Rico lies on the Mona Passage, which is a key shipping lane to the Panama Canal. United States citizens do not require a visa or passport to enter Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico has all the charms of an Island destination, along with all the conveniences one would expect to find in the United States.

Puerto Rico Guanica Beach

Puerto Rico Guanica Beach

Considering its small size there is much to be explored in this island, and all of Puerto Rico’s attractions can not fit in a time period of 2 or 3 weeks. The beautiful beaches of this island have to be seen to be believed. There are also innumerous historical attractions, some excellent shopping and above all meeting with the warm and friendly people who inhabit this island paradise. The island is rich with an abundance of flora and fauna as well.

The residents are very helpful and will take the cue to help you out if you show any signs of being lost. It is quite easy getting around the island. It is better to use landmarks rather than road names as directions.

Porta Del Sol in West Puerto Rico is a great location to head to if you wish to experience the much advertised “pristine beaches and crystal clear waters”. These beaches are relatively peaceful and uncrowded, and spectacular vistas of sunsets and the like can be had here. The town of Rincon is the perfect location if you want the best breaks in the Island. Easily the best surfing location in Puerto Rico, this town is popular with the surfers.

If you like sea food, the small town of Cabo Rajo is where you want to go to. Some of the best fish places in Puerto Rico at some amazingly affordable prices. There are some excellent beaches with virtual;ly no crowding. There is also a lighthouse from where you can enjoy the beautiful views.

Puerto Rico Culebra beach

Puerto Rico Culebra beach

The best sunsets in Puerto Rico are said to be found here.

La Parguera Phosphorescent Bay  located in Lajas is famous for its bioluminescence, in which millions of dinoflagellates ( minute organisms that glow when disturbed) provide an amazing show. This is a tropical phenomenon, and can be seen in mangrove forests like here.

The Dry Forests of Guanica is the most ideal location to find a large population of birds. There are also some great beaches and some excellent hotels.

The historic town of San German is another must visit location, and has a lot of Old world charm. The Spanish buildings flanking the narrow brick roads add to the charm. San German is also said to be home to the first church that was built in the New World. The Scenic drive is certainly worth it.

The Island of Vieques is now the wedding and honeymoon capital of Puerto Rico, and the romantic island sees many couples coming here to get married or to honeymoon.