Parador Guanica Resort

For years, the Parador Guanica has been an incredible destination for anyone who is hoping to take in all of the sights and activities of the Caribbean without having to sacrifice any modern comforts. A fully equipped resort, this is the perfect place to book your stay whether you are going on a romantic getaway or you want to put together a fun and memorable family vacation.

Built back in 1929, the Parador Guanica used to be known as the American Hotel. The stunning architecture is quite a sight to behold and is the delight of all of the guests who walk through the doors. Not only is the structure quite impressive, but the decor on the inside is exquisite yet cozy. In each one of the guestrooms, you will be able to be able to enjoy air conditioning, a refrigerator, satellite television, private bath and much more. All in all, you never have a moment where you want for anything when you book your stay at the Parador Guanica.

Parador GuanicaFor dining, you have the option of making plans to enjoy one of the many dishes on the menu indoor/outdoor restaurant on the premises. This is a wonderful dining experience that is filled with all sorts of local favorites and delicious seafood dishes. There are even special areas that you can book that have amazing views of the bay, making it just right for weddings, business meetings and much more.

Depending on your desires, you have the option of many local activities and sightseeing. The Parador Guanica is conveniently located within minutes of sparkling shores, dining, shopping and a number of historical attractions and outdoor adventures.