Papagayo Beach Resort

The Papagayo beach resort is located at the Jan Theil Bay which is placed on nthe south side of the Island of Curacao, in the Netherlands Antilles. The beach resort is located at a mere distance of thirty minutes from the international Airport here ( Hato International Airport). It is also extremely conveniently located from the capital city of Curacao, Willemstad, it is just a quick fifteen minute drive from the hotel to Willemstad. The location is perfectly convenient and accessible, and is an excellent base because of the convenient location.

Proximity to the city and the airport does not mean that the Papagayo beach resort is by any means crowded and noisy. This is not the case, in fact, the exact opposite is true. The Papagayo beach resort is located in an extremely tranquil neighborhood. The location is also beautiful, you can stay in an exclusive villa that is located at the gently undulating hillside and enjoy the beautiful views all around. The clear blue waters of the Caribbean look their best when viewed from this angle, with the sun reflecting off the blue waves, and making patterns never seen before. An unsullied tropical paradise, the Papagayo beach resort is simply beautiful, and the very location to go to, if you want to recharge your dead batteries.

The accommodations at the Papagayo beach resort are top notch, and you simply are spoilt for choice here. There are a grand total of seventy five exclusive villa style bungalows that stand alone. The villas are equipped with a huge number of provisions for luxury. The bungalows are also environment friendly, and they are specially designed to fit in seamlessly with the unspoiled tropical atmosphere of the island. It does not distract, but complements. The peace and quiet of this region is the most lovable aspect.

The villas at the Papagayo Beach resort boast of a huge number of facilities and services that are custom designed so as to be of the ultimate benefit for the guests in terms of comfort and convenience. The Zanzibar beach club is within spitting distance, and so is the Jan Theil Bay, with its crystal clear bay. There are a whole range of activities and water sports you can engage in wbhile you are here. The beach club is equipped with a fairly good sized kid’s pool. There are a host of excellent services on offer.