Martinique Island – The Epitome of French Charm

Martinique island in the eastern Caribbean, and is part of the French Caribbean. Exactly like Guadeloupe, another French overseas territory, the Martinique island has myriad factors that are French. There are quite a few French influences – it has influenced the culture, the architecture, the cuisine and a lot many factors that add to the charm of the tropical island. Martinique has the best of France plus all that the Caribbean has on offer, this makes for one of the most rewarding destinations for a holiday in the Caribbean.

As Martinique is an island that is part of France, and is thus part of the European Union, the official currency is Euro. The infrastructure here is excellent, and the facilities top notch. There are a number of rewarding destinations within the island that are extremely beautiful and have an allure and charm about them, whatever your purpose for taking a holiday is, whether diving, honeymooning, island hopping, water sports. Martinique island has a bunch of locations that are incredibly beautiful, and these places are also extremely charming, such as the cities like St Pierre and La Trinitè, which have a whole lot of things on offer.


The architecture in the island is the most visible factor influenced by France, and also the first thing you will notice French in the cities. Actually Martinique’s white sand beaches and natural beauty are what you will observe first, but there are certainly a good number of buildings that are significant from a historical point of view and are viable destinations if you are looking for an introduction to the island. La Pagarie is a location in the island that is significant as it was here that Josephine, Empress of Napoleon was born. St Pierre houses the now inactive volcano the Mount Pelee that had once ravaged the whole of the city.

There are some more natural attractions other than Mount Pelee, and a majority of these are concentrated in the northern part of the island. There are regions covered in thick tropical forests. Bellefontaine is a great destination to head to if you are on the look out for some quiet beach relaxation, the tiny village is placed on the edge of a cliff, and is filled with quaint attractions. The Local fishermen, while they are fishing with their senne nets make quite a spectacle. There is also the Gauguin Museum, which has a good number of exhibits. The Bally distillery here is also a worthwhile visit.