Isla Verde Beach

Imagine living in a large city and having a beautiful beach as your back yard. That is exactly what the million or so residents of San Juan enjoy every day. There’s no need to go far to enjoy a beautiful tropical day at the beach.

Isla Verde Beach is actually a series of beaches stretching for miles in front of luxury resorts and posh high-rise residential apartments, restaurants and private clubs, guesthouses and private homes, parks, and even a cemetery!

A tranquil place during the week, Isla Verde really comes alive on weekends. Beach lovers stream in from everywhere to get some sun, splash in the sea, party with family and friends, play beach volleyball, or walk along the sandy shores. There is no shortage of places to eat or drink. Many hotels and restaurants have bars and casual restaurants adjacent to the beach.

While most visitors soak up the sun reading, napping, or taking a lazy stroll in the surf line, the more adventurous go parasailing, bodysurfing, water skiing and jet skiing, or participate in many of the other water sports offered by the hotels and seaside shops.

Depending on the hour of the day and the day of the week, Isla Verde can be anything from a solitary stretch of glistening sand to a Coney Island crowd of happy sun worshippers, but it is always a delight.

How to Get There
From LMM International Airport take Road 26, turn right on 187, then left on Road 37.