Haiti tourism

Haiti is one of the most beautiful nations in the Caribbean. Although a tremulous past as well as the recent series of events that the island has experienced have not been at all conducive to the tourism industry, the raw unsullied beauty that this country has more than makes up for the unpopularity, whatever be the reasons. The massive earthquake in 2010 that caused immeasurable destruction in the form of lost human lives and infrastructure was a blow to the tourism industry as well, which was only in the embryonic stage at that time. But there will not be any long term effects of the calamity, and tourism is far from finished in Haiti.

Flights to Haiti have renewed operations as of now, and tourism may be showing signs of recovery. While the disaster that occurred was far too calamitous than the tsunamis in Asia, the island nation is determined to fight back in this time of adversity. Investors are welcome to Haiti, as are tourists here.

Haiti is part of Hispaniola in the Caribbean Sea, and the nation occupies about one third part of Hispaniola. The country was unlucky in many ways, and the tourism industry had suffered even prior to the natural disaster and Haiti’s reputation for crime and poverty were not at all helpful in making this a popular tourist spot. Tourism was just budding in Haiti when the earthquake occurred that took countless lives and caused extreme destruction. Tourism is not recommended as of now, as there is not much infrastructure at most places, and anti social elements have been reveling. The political stability is also questionable.

Haiti beach

Haiti beach

Except for Labadee, which is a resort and port located in the Northern part of Haiti, there is literally no tourist traffic at all in Haiti. This is perhaps the only area where it could be considered totally safe for tourists, as this is a private resort that has been taken on lease by Royal Caribbean International ( R C I ) and Celebrity line cruise ships. The security at Labadee keeps out the unsafe elements and ensures a safe tourist experience. Cruise ships are anchored off shore, and tourists are escorted by ferry to Labadee.

Having a Haitian contact either through a hotel or church or just some one you know in Haiti is extremely helpful while traveling here, as it is much easier as well as safer when traveling in the country. Local dining, tap – tap rides or visiting the outdoor markets are rewarding pastimes, and when accompanied by a trustworthy Haitian as a guide, it is much safer and easier.