Guadeloupe, a French Heart

Guadeloupe, the butterfly shaped French oversees territory in the Caribbean, is one of the most rewarding destinations in the Caribbean. If you have visited France and found yourself fascinated by the style, cuisine and culture, prepare your self for the Guadeloupean version. Guadeloupe has all that France has on offer, excellent infrastructure and delicious food along with a unique island culture that has retained its cultural integrity. The island has parts where urbanization has not reached, and remain rural farmlands.

Guadeloupe is a group of islands that are top be found in the Leeward group of islands, in the Lesser Antillean region. It is a French Oversees Territory, and is very much a part of France. Guadeloupe, as it is a part of France, is also in the E U, and uses the Euro. Guadeloupe is not among countries in the Schengen Region though. Basse – Terre is the island Capital.

Pristine beaches, heavenly natural beauty, forests, flora and fauna, rural areas as well as modern infrastructure, homogenous cultures, fantastic cuisine; all this and more awaits the visitor to Guadeloupe. Pas ni problem ( no worries ) is the operative phrase,, when you are in Guadeloupe, and indeed the fascinating group of island makes you rejoice and forget your worries in the duration of your stay in the islands. There is nothing like Guadeloupe that can recharge your batteries, and leave stress free and refreshed.

Guadeloupe beach

Guadeloupe beach

There is a lot to do in Guadeloupe, from lazing on the beach to enjoying some gourmet cuisine. Diving in the waters to hiking in the forests, bird watching to lazing on beaches

Places to go in Guadeloupe

Pointe – a – Pitre
The Suburban Pointe – à – Pitre can be called the financial headquarters of  of Guadeloupe.

Gosier is among the most notable places in Guadeloupe, and this is where you should head to if you want to experience the nightlife scene of Guadeloupe. A major number of the night clubs here have minimal dress codes, as long as you are wearing formal shoes and trousers or jeans you will be able to enter. Do not go in swim wear or in sneakers or flip flops.

St François
St Francois is located at the east portion of Gueadeloupe, and here, there is a marvelous work o0f art, a scenery that is created entirely from sand and rock. This has a vague resemblance to the shape of a castle. This is called La Pointe des Chateaux. This is an excellent vantage point as well. From here, excellent vistas of nearby islands like Les Saintes, Petite Terre, Marie Galante, La Désirade, La Dominique can be had, as well as perfect views of Grand Terre and the basse Terre, which is located at substantial distance from Guadeloupe.

St Anne
A gorgeous beach, St Anne’s has become rather tourist populated as the beach is the main tourist area for tourists in Guadeloupe. There are some interesting activities that are to be had over here. There is the L’Americano, Georges Mandel, 0 5 9 0 8 8 3 8 9 9 : bar and restaurant has live music as well as performances by bands. There are also salsa lessons that are on offer, these are free of charge. There are a good number of bars all around the beach. There are also several restaurants.

There are numerous resorts here that offer package deals, which include break fast, buffet, bars, drinks, water sports like wind surfing and surfing, as well as beach volleyball, gymnasium as well as dance courses for about fifty dollars. Club Med is a good option, ( telephone no.: 0 5 9 0 8 5 4 9 5 0 facsimile : 0 5 9 0 8 5 4 9 5 9 ) and the package comes at about 50 dollars. This can be a good bargain as one hour of windsurfing costs at least seven dollars per month.

Morne à l’ eau
Morne a l’ eau  is renowned for its grave yard which has tombs laid in black and white tile work.

Anse Bertrand
Located at a stone’s throw away from Morne a l eau, Anse Bertrand has quite a few sights, La pointe de la Grande Vigie, which is the northernmost location of Guadeloupe. The Porte d’Enfer is another location, where a bit of tranquil sea stretches between some reefs. If you walk for about one hour in the direction of the cliff, you will reach the Souffleur, which is a geyser created due to sea water pressure.

Abymes is the night club zone, where you should head if you want some clubbing. L’instant, Latin Club and Caraibes are three night clubs that are located here.

Baie – Mahault
A developed part of Guadeloupe, Baie – Mahault is filled with industries and financial centers. There is nothing much of sight seeing interest, but has some shopping opportunities though. The shopping mall here is the biggest in the island. The local night club called Bik Kreyol is a fun hangout and plays reggae, r n b as well as zouk music. Entry here will cost you about 5 euros, and drinks 3 euros. The building in which this is housed was a ware house prior to this. Good place to meet locals. Bik Kreyol, Beau Soleil, 0 5 9 0 2 5 8 0 4 6 / 0 5 9 0 9 2 0 6 4 8 (Entrance €5, Drinks €3).

Important information about Guadeloupe

Visa : No Visa is needed if you are a resident of the U S, U K, Australia, Canada, the E U, and New Zealand.

Currency : euro ( € ) ;  1 € = U S $ 1.56 = U K £ 0.79

Official name : La Guadeloupe

Departure tax : No

Area : 1, 434 s q k m

Population : 451, 000

Country telephone code : 590

Languages spoken : French, Creole

Capital : Basse – Terre

People known as : Guadeloupeans