Gallows Point Resort

Many people who are looking to enjoy the Caribbean will make their way to Gallows Point Resort tucked away in St. John. This is an area that is part of the United States National Parks system, making in one of the most beautiful natural wonders that you will ever behold. Upon arrival, you will be able to enjoy crisp, sparkling bays along with stunning turquoise seas and some of the most lush tropical forest regions that you will ever lay your eyes on. As if that isn’t enough, you are also going to be able to enjoy amazing white sand beaches and great trails that are just perfect for hiking and exploration.

Escaping From It All

There is nothing better than being able to take in some of the sights and enjoying shopping when you are away on vacation. The cute little village known as Cruz Bay is just perfect for browsing around in various specialty shops or enjoying some of the cuisine to be found in the different fine dining restaurants in the area. When nightlife is on your mind, you can make your way from Gallows Point Resort to check out some of the calypso or reggae acts known to frequent various establishments.

Enjoying The Tropics

Gallows Point Resort St JohnEven if you have been on other vacations to a tropical destination, you have really seen nothing quite like the variety of lush foliage to be found on the grounds and all around the Gallows Point Resort. You will find beautiful, full greenery along with aromatic banana trees and breathtaking frangipani flowers. Just walking around the perimeter of the resort, you are going to be completely blown away from all of the beauty of nature. As a matter of fact, your trip will not be complete until you get a glimpse of some of the wonderful coconut palms as they flow back and forth in the sea breeze.

Deluxe Accommodations

Tastefully decorated suites are just right for keeping you comfortable during your stay, fully equipped with central air conditioning and views from the porches or balconies. You will even have the choice of a two story upper loft suite or a one story lower garden suite that is outfitted with a whimsical sunken living room. No matter what, you will be in the lap of luxury when you stay at the Gallows Point Resort at St. John.