Fascinating Pleasures at the Arenal Volcano

Come to the Arenal Volcano one of the most popular regions in Costa Rica. Visit this ancient land and see how the past comes alive here. The views of the lava flows and the sight of the red hot boulders here that come out of the volcano glow in the dark. Eruptions are major attractions here and so you should be aware that even when the season is dry the clouds always seem to a permanently placed above the volcano. There are chances that tourists here get to see a pyroclastic display which are greatly lessened in the rainy season. Tourists mainly come here to see volcanoes and so this activity is a better proposition. There are other advantages in this region which are an added bonus so if you see the Arenal you are sure to come back with greater delights.

Arenal Volcano Costa Rica

The volcano is visible from anywhere in the region so if you want a better view of the eruption then the best way to stay and enjoy here is through the observatory type of lodges that are a major feature here. So you could stay up here or enjoy the sun. The clouds have a tendency to move in after sunrise. Many hiking tours were based out of La Fortuna de Arenal in olden days. These tours are there even now and they provide a lot of excitement as you are taken up the west ridge to the edge of the crater. But of late the tours have been stopped as there are a lot of falling cinders, ash and toxic fumes. Hiking trails in other areas are very popular here these days and these have substituted the Fortuna de Arenal hiking tours.

Arenal hiking tours

Then there is the Chato Volcano which is an extinct volcano today and has a crater that is lopsided and has a small lake that is accessed through a hiking trail which starts near the Observatory lodge.

So the Arenal Volcano or the Volcan Arenal is an active and andesitic strato volcano found in the northwestern part of Costa Rica in the province of Alajuela. The Arenal Volcano today measures around 1,633 metres and is a conical shaped with a crater that spans around 140 metres. It is also known by the other names of Canaste, Pan de Azucar and Volcan Rio Frio.

Arenal Volcano

This volcano remained dormant for many years and showed a single crater as its peak. There was an activity minor fumaroles and dense vegetation covered it. In the year 1968, it erupted suddenly and destroyed the Tabacon town. Due to this eruption there were three more craters that were formed in the western flanks and only a little part of them remains today. However from the year 2010 the activity in the volcano is decreasing and explosions here are rare.

Arenal volcano attractions
Thus the Arenal Volcano is a major attraction in Caribbean travels and is one of the ten most active volcanoes in this world. Seismologists have studied it for many years. Till now tourists get to see ash columns and hear a lot of rumbling noise underground. The shape is perfectly conical and gives the best sights of a volcanic eruption in the peak. Every night the crater gives a great spectacle of the lights with a lot of explosive eruptions.

Then there is the Arenal Lake Reservoir which is a great watershed receiver of the ARenal Volcano. The water of the reservoir is used for hydroelectric power.

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So the Arenal volcano is a must see in Caribbean travels and gives the best sights of a greatly interesting travel destination. Come here and bask in the pleasures of a great land. Nature lovers like to come here and enjoy the surroundings with a lot of interest.