Culebra Island beach guide

Culebra island is part of Puerto Rico, and is about twenty seven kilo meters ( seventeen miles) off the Puerto Rican mainland, and is just about 19 kilo meters ( 12 miles) from the island St Thomas. The island is a beautiful destination, and has gets travelers from all over the world. The island is also referred to as the winter getaway of the Americas.

Culebra National Wildlife Refuge Map

Travelers to the Culebra island in Puerto Rico have a plethora of beaches to choose from. The pristine sands and crystal clear waters here make for some of the best beach destinations in the area. There are certainly a good number of beaches here, and most of these have the best in beach experiences as well as facilities and amenities on offer. The swaying palms and hidden coves here add beauty to the heavenly collection of beaches. Many of these beaches are among the best beaches in the world.

The following are the main Culebra beaches

Flamenco Beach

Coral Reef On Culebra

Coral Reef On Culebra

Flamenco Beach has been among the most popular island beaches in the world, and has consistently been getting top ratings from prestigious institutions, websites and magazines the world over. The Beach is extremely accessible, and has a good provision for facilities. All of the publicos ( public transport cars in the island ) go to the beach, as it is an extremely popular destination, and will charge close to three dollars per person one way. It is easier traveling if you rent a car, but it is in any case no big difficulty to access the Flamenco Beach, which can even be accessed by walking the 1.7 miles up from the airport.

The North swell that affects all north facing beaches in the winters also affects the Flamenco beach, and the heavenly breezes that result with these are refreshing. There are some excellent breaks on offer for surfers. There are some excellent snorkeling locations as well, and the majority is concentrated on the left side, as well as on the eastern side.

Carlos Rosario Beach

A snorkeling beach above everything, Carlos Rosario Beach has a number of rewarding spots. The beach can be accessed by a twenty minute walk from Flamenco. There are some sea grape trees here that are perfect for shade. The snorkeling spots here are extremely popular with travelers, and are much loved.

Zoni Beach

Zoni is another popular spot here, and is accessible easily. There is no hiking to be done, as Zoni Beach can be accessed by road. It is advantageous if you have a vehicle of your own, as publicos do not come here.