Cuba Resorts

Welcome to the Cuba Resorts section of this site. This section is a little different from all the others. Since there are so many unique destinations to discover in Cuba each with their own resorts, activities and history. Not only will you get an overview of Cuba Resorts but you will find more in depth information on each of the destinations.

Cuba is the largest island in the Caribbean and offers pristine beaches, a rich culture with warm friendly people, a fascinating history, ecological wonders and so much more. Let’s start our journey through all that the Cuba resorts have to offer.

Varadero Resorts
Varadero is a peninsula that stretches out 21 kilometers into the Atlantic on the North Western shores of the island. Some say that Varadero beach is the World’s greatest beach and has long been the pride of Varadero. There are many resorts along the length of the peninsula with the town of Varadero situated at the beginning of the peninsula.

Cayo Coco Resorts & Cayo Guillermo Resorts
Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo are two cays off the coast of Cuba. These cays are part of the Jardines Del Rey, Gardins of the King in English, archipelago which stretches 200 km on a North-West to South-East direction. This area was named by Spanish conquistadors in 1513 to honor King Ferdinand II of Aragon. The closest town, Morón, makes for an interesting visit. It is not a secluded area like Cayo Coco, Cayo Guillermo or even Varadero. Here you get to experience the real Cuba. Everything from local shops, the train station, beggars and people trying to sell you everything from flowers to underground cigars.

More Cuba Resorts destination to come. Please come back soon to see what has been added.
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