Canouan island – Among the Best Caribbean Islands

An island paradise unparalleled in relaxation and enjoyment, Canouan has a wealth of sandy beaches, verdant mangrove forests, rugged mountains and many other attractions. The Canouan island is among the best Caribbean islands, and has a plethora of offerings for a traveler on a holiday to the Caribbean. There are some heavenly locations here, and the pace of life is extremely on the easy going side, which makes for a relaxing and restful Caribbean vacation.

The Canouan island is of minuscule size, and is part of St Vincent Island, and is part of the island group named Grenadines. The island encompasses a small area of just about three square miles, and is a tranquil and serene location in the Caribbean. The natural beauty here is a draw for many travelers, as well as the heavenly beaches, where the crowding is absolutely minimal. A sort of tropical Shangrila unparalleled in peace and quiet, the island of Canouan is the very location to head to if you are on the look out for some respite from the madding crowds and for having a Caribbean holiday in peace and quiet. Canouan is one of the best Caribbean islands in this matter.

The capital of Canouan is Charlestown, and the town is very developed, it is more like a rural get a way. The Canouan island is choc a bloc with heavenly locales, and the tourism industry here is slowly growing, and there are developments taking place day by day. There are numerous resorts, hotels, guest houses and other accommodations have sprung up here with the advent of growing interest in tourism, and the advantages of tourism, and the uplifting income that tourist dollars can bring the economy is realized by the island’s authorities as well as the people. The best Caribbean islands are actually the ones that are still undiscovered, and that is the truth. Tourism, if not approached with caution, tends to be destructive to the very elements that made it grow in the beginnings.

The Witwatersrand barrier is a pristine coral reef formation that runs to the side of the Atlantic Ocean, and is a much loved location by diving aficionados. The reef has a population of marine wealth that makes plays of colors in the waters, making for some rewarding diving in the reefs. The waters here are crystal clear, and the visibility levels in the waters are extremely good. The Tobago Cays are a group consisting of five islands that are located in the Atlantic, and these are visible from the Caribbean.