Breezes Curacao

Curacao is one island in the Caribbean that has a definitive Dutch flavor to almost every aspect. Curacao is a pristine paradise that is among the best holiday destinations in the Caribbean. There is a whole range of activities and attractions here that make for a wonderful holiday. The beaches here are pristine stretches of sand that are picture perfect in their beauty. There is a whole number of attractions here. The snow white sands and the crystal clear blue waters here make for some heavenly beach experiences.

There are a whole umber of resorts and hotels here that \have sprung up to meet the increasing tourist need for quality accommodation options. There are a whole lot of options that cater to a whole range of budgets, likes, interest s and tastes.

The Breezes Curacao

The Breezes Curacao beach resort is among the upper echelon of hotels and resorts here, and occupies a position of honor among hotels and resorts here, because of the remarkable hospitality provided, as well as for the excellent mixture of personalized and impeccable service, the meticulous attention provided to small details, as well as the ultimate luxury provided.

The Breezes Curacao resort, Spa and casino is a super inclusive resort in Curacao, and is the first of its klind in the entire South Caribbean region. There are a good number of quality attractions that make for a great holkiday, as well as the Dutch charms of the island.

The Breezes Curacao resort has a number of facilities and services provided as part of the package. There are a whole number of excellent services and facilities that have been tailor made so that the ultimate comfort of the guests is always provided for. There are a good number of comforts as well. There is absolutely no compromise made in the name of either luxury, nor of creature comforts.

Breezes Curacao resort

The right balance has been stuck between comfort and looks, the suites here are the very epitome of opulence and splendor, while not displaying any gaudy showiness, and have a great deal of comfortable extras that do a world of good to increasing the comfort here.

The Breezes Curacao resort is located in Curacao, which is about ninety minutes via air from the Montego Bay. The divers paradise of an island, is placed off the Venezuelan mainland, and is located only 10 miles from the airport.

The Breezes Curacao resort has a whole number of excellent accommodations, there are three hundred and forty one rooms and suites in total, and is located close to the Sea Aquarium and the Undersea national Park in Curacao.