Boquerón Beach

The western area of Puerto Rico, around the island’s third city, Mayagüez, is a three-hour drive from San Juan, but locals and tourists happily make the trip whenever they can. One of the major reasons is Boquerón: the village, the beach and the bay.
The village is tiny, quaint, colorful and lively. It is a gloriously unplanned combination of food stands, souvenir shops, open-air cantinas, dive shops, and fishmongers.

The village sits on Boquerón Bay, a long swath lined with palm trees, mangroves and dense tropical flora that harbor some 50 species of exotic birds visiting from their permanent sanctuary in the nearby Boquerón Nature Reserve.

It is the beach, of course, a snug stretch of white sand more than a mile long, which dazzles visitors. On a quiet day, you will think you are the sole owner of the huge vista of blue sky, turquoise water and glistening coral sand.

However, people do flock to the beach – especially on weekends and holidays – and all the amenities of a major public facility await them: picnic tables, cabin rentals, bike rentals, basketball court, mini-market, SCUBA diving, snorkeling and a host of other water sports.
If you can tear yourself away from Boquerón, try adventuring south on the coastal road. One spot you shouldn’t miss is Los Morrillos, a series of massive reddish limestone cliffs that drop more than 200 feet into the deep purple-blue sea.

To reach Los Morrillos you can drive or hike through the Cabo Rojo National Wildlife refuge. After a nap under a sea grape tree on the beach, hike up the cliffs to gaze at the sea pounding the rocks below on your way to photograph the lonely Cabo Rojo lighthouse built in 1881.
You’ll agree that Boquerón and the Cabo Rojo area rate an A on every beach lover’s report card.

How to Get There
From San Juan take Road 52 to Ponce, connect to Road 2 towards Mayaguez and exit on Road 102.