Bolongo Bay Beach Resort

Bolongbo Bay Resort within the US Virgin Islands is centrally located near the airport and downtown Charlotte, providing you the best Caribbean sea views within the one-of-a-kind beach font paradise that is very casual and far away from the corporate atmosphere. This is truly a vacation paradise that ensures you have the most hospitable staff to provide for your every need.

A staff that works together along with the best accommodations and amenities is what makes the difference between having a Caribbean vacation in which you either find your own way or end up having the memorable experience of a lifetime. After all, when you’re on vacation, you wanted to be waited on hand on foot and not have to provide for yourself.

Bolongo Bay Beach ResortIf you’re wondering about the cuisine offered, consider the freshest king crab, lobster, fliet mignon and all other kinds of special exotic seafood dishes that you just can’t find anywhere else quite like they prepare it here at the Bolongo Bay Beach Resort. Plus think about all the exotic island drinks you could enjoy, and don’t forget that the legal drinking age at this resort is only 18 years old!

If you’re looking to hit up the night life, one of the best spots is Iggies Beach Bar and Grill. Take down as many crab legs as you want and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere, where they serve up all three daily meals so you can stop by any time.

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