Best Caribbean Beaches

The Caribbean is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the whole world. The pristine sands and crystal clear waters here make for some of the most idyllic beach paradises in the planet. The sheer numbers of beaches that exist in the seven thousand odd Caribbean islands make sure that there is no dearth to choice for beaches when you are in the Caribbean. There are thousands of heavenly beaches, most of them among the most beautiful and among the top most beaches in the world. The best Caribbean Beaches are heavenly locations.

The sheer numbers of the beaches are only contested by the extreme diversity that can be observed. The beaches encompass virtually all the types of beaches known to man. The varied beaches are among the best Caribbean beaches. The factors that they differ in are as many as there are islands in fact, many beaches have different colored sands, the sands range from golden, white, pink, black, yellow and many more shades. The sands are soft as powder in some areas, while some areas have gritty sands, which have powdered traces of sea shells and pebbles in them. There are beaches that have pebbles, a number of beaches are rocky. The factors that differ may be numerous, but in one thing all of them are absolutely similar, all of them are achingly beautiful in their very being.

Bermuda beach

The sheer variety and numbers of the beaches in the Caribbean make for some confusion when one is planning for the best beach to head top in the duration of a Caribbean holiday. This list comes in exactly at this juncture. Making a list of the best beaches in the Caribbean may be considered as a truly impossible task by many, as when beaches get to such levels of beauty, there is no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ about it certainly. The beaches that have been the most popular as well as widely accepted as the most beautiful are listed here.

Cabarete Beach – The Dominican Republic

Cabarete Beach is a relaxed getaway located to the north of the island of Dominican Republic, and is famous as a meeting point for all manner of water sport enthusiasts. There are a good number of facilities here. There are a number of water sports on offer, like kite surfing, wind surfing, scuba diving, snorkeling, jet skiing etc. Cabarete Beach is among the best Caribbean Beaches.

Dominican Republic, Cabarete Beach

Dominican Republic, Cabarete Beach

Palm Beach – Aruba

Palm Beach is a pure white sand beach located at the popular Aruba Island, and is dotted with a collection of swaying palm trees and palapa huts. Palm Beach is located in the center of Aruba. There are a number of luxury resorts here that have sprung up here with the advent of tourism. The beach is a heavenly destination to lie in and take in the sun.

Treasure Beach – Jamaica

A quieter and a lot more authentic beach destination when compared to the more bustling beaches of Jamaica, like the Seven Mile Beach. There are a number of facilities available here. The locals here are also a genial lot, although staying clear of crime is essential in all parts of Jamaica. Use your common sense a lot.