Beaches of St Thomas

The island of St Thomas houses the capital of the United States Virgin Islands, Charlotte Amalie, which has been a hub for administration, tourism, culture. There are numerous structures here that are significant from a historical point of view. There are a good number of shops and designer outlets here. The island is very much a favorite with cruise ships and yachts that pass this way. Tourism is the major source of income for St Thomas’s economy. There is no dearth to facilities and amenities related to tourism here.

A majority of the island has mountainous terrain, and most roads that encircle the island have panoramic vistas of the sea and land on offer. There are a good number of quality accommodations that have sprung up with the increased tourist activity. There are numerous resorts, hotels, villas, guest houses, holiday houses, apartments as well as a number of historic inns.

Beaches of St Thomas are pristine stretches of sand, the azure waters kiss the shore. A plethora of water sports and other activities are possible on the beaches, like parasailing, a day charter, sailing, fishing, scuba diving, kayaking, kite boarding, snorkeling and wind surfing.

St Thomas is an island that gets a huge number of visitors annually. Competing islands such as Jamaica, Cayman islands, Aruba, the island leads the pack in terms of popularity. One thing that is often cited as criticism of the island of St Thomas is that there is a definite absence of any unique island culture that is found in Caribbean islands like Trinidad, Jamaica etc., as the island mostly resembles a very posh and beautiful area in the United States. St Thomas is also said to be the leas adventurous island in the Caribbean, but this is certainly no loss for those who want a peaceful Caribbean holiday as well as one shrouded in luxury.

There are close to fort beaches lining the pristine coasts of St Thomas, and these are some of the most beautiful in the world. The swaying coconut trees add to the beauty of these beaches. The crystal clear waters and the pristine sands are admired the world over. Many of the beaches have been rated as best among the best in the world, and the sand here is of a high degree of whiteness. There is no dearth to facilities and amenities related to tourism on most beaches.

There is a good deal of diversity among the beaches in St Thomas, there are beaches that are peaceful hang outs for the lazy beach lovers. There are also some water sports beaches, which have sandy coves and stores where you can rent gear, as well as seek guidance. There are rocky beaches, and sandy beaches.
The main beaches of St Thomas are as follows:-

East End

Bluebeards Beach
Secret Harbor
Cowpet Bay
Coki Point
Water Bay
Turtle Cove
Sugar Bay
Lindquist Beach
Sapphire Beach
Vessup Bay


Dorothea Bay
Mandahl Bay
Magens Bay
Hull Bay
Little Magens


Lindberg Bay
Brewer’s Bay
Bolongo Bay
Limetree Beach