Bahamas water sports

Do you love performing a dive in the water? Or Are you a great fan of kayaking? If yes, then head to the Bahamas – the paradise of all the possible water sports. In short, if you have never been to Bahamas and are seeking some great thrilling water sports, do visit this time to this Caribbean destination. Since many years, Bahamas have attracted thousands of thrill seekers and the secret behind this is its vast and pristine greenish blue waters making the area a perfect marine field for authentic water sports.

The presence of bountiful marine life, scenic reefs, and underground vistas allure any adventure enthusiast to go for kayaking, sailing, parasailing, glass-bottomed boat cruising, water-skiing, windsurfing, and jet-skiing. Further, you will be amazed to have the fine quality of diving and snorkeling at its several areas offered by the resorts’ qualified operators. Even if you have never tried out any of these exhilarating activities, believe me that the Bahamas is the site that will encourage you to successfully to do so!

Diving and Snorkeling

Among the water sports of Bahamas, diving and snorkeling are the best ones to be experienced that you must have never gone through before. On becoming just a bit adventurous coupled with careful observation, opulent and colorful coral reefs, vivid spires, sea gardens, mountains, ravines, and valleys packed with sponges and corals, horde of tropical fish, and other sea lives in the transparent and shimmering waters are certainly visually striking.

You will surely praise yourself to do so because such vistas are not to be found everywhere. Do approach the famous diving destinations namely, Andros, the Exumas, Grand Bahama, Long Island, and San Salvador to be within the waters around the islands.

Have you heard of the Blue Hole diving? It is in the Bahamas at Andros and Long Island. If you are looking for some special excursions to view the shipwrecks offshore or diving with dolphins and sharks, do not miss the remarkable Grand Bahama diving site full of expert dive operators.
For the Beginners

If you are about to dive for the first time, then the Grand Bahama is the best place to be. Here, you can learn from one of the several dive operators that can give you PADI or NAUI certification for $500 within three to five days. At this site, one of the most famous spot is UNEXSO, the Underwater Explorers Society.

Sea Kayaking

Explore the shore and mangrove-dotted tidal creeks or jump from one sandy beach to another while being on the cays enclosing the bigger islets via this exciting sport. This is all possible via a day trip and all night paddling and camping tour at the Abacos of the Grand Bahama and at the Exumas.

If you are interested about kayaking with the cays, the leading site is the Exuma Cays that is an array of small islands in not so deep turquoise waters stretching over 40 miles and are mostly uninhabited. On this set of islands located in the middle, be ready to explore the attractive Exuma Land and Sea Park. This is where you will be among the wilderness of crystal-clear waters and 20 islets edged with white sand simply appropriate for camping. Other than this sport, I do not think that there is any other great way to discover these Caribbean islands.

Best Time to Visit

Come here in the summer season when the water is mostly calm and at rest. But be prepared to face the severe heat too. As it is, for diving and snorkeling, you need not wait for some particular time. It is simply perfect to do so throughout the year.