Bahamas Paradise Island

Without a doubt, the Bahamas is worldly famous for its spectacular beaches and exotic scattered cays. When the word is flashed on televisions or seen on magazines, Freeport and Nassau usually associate the island’s name. These islands are certainly exciting to explore yet not everyone knows there is still a vast to discover.

Factually, there are 698 more cays and islands surrounding. This other groups of masses are dubbed as Family Islands. Vacationers who seek for pristine and unspoiled beauty will find it here. They contain the most unexplored beaches, cays, and caves that allow for magnificent sailing, fishing and scuba diving. Inhabitants of the Bahamas paradise island are recognized for their friendliness and warmth.

Bahamas, Atlantis Hotel, Paradise Island

Bahamas, Atlantis Hotel, Paradise Island

Only 50 miles away from coast of Florida reveals the diverse islands hidden.  Travelers can start their journey in Freeport or Nassau for a never-ending nightlife and pleasure then off to other cays for relaxation, peace and rest. The mangrove swamps and pine forests of Lucayan National Park provide secluded beaches, stalagmite-filled caves and palm-lined villages. Stretching from Abaco and Grand Bahama on the northern part and Great Inagua on the southern part are 23 more inhabited islands and hundreds of isolated cays and islands. With six diverse ecosystems and lots of adventures to do, the Bahamas paradise island shows off a heaven of possibilities.

The Bahamas island paradise earned a wide-reaching repute for sailing because of its calm waters, balmy breezes and cool trade winds. Regattas are held all year round on most parts of the islands, testing the vessels’ fleetness.

The legendary Ernest Hemingway authored lots of stories regarding his angling journey in Bimini, a Bahamas island he considered home for several years. With about 5% of the reef of the earth, the waters surrounding the island are truly a dream turned real for snorkelers and divers. A long stretch of shoreline in the Bahamas island paradise is home to few of the most pristine and beautiful beaches, from the Eleuthera’s sands to Cat Island’s lonely strands.

There may be divergence to every island’s personality yet the people inhabiting the Bahamas paradise island are generally delightfully constant in their charm and warmth. The Tourism ministry of the archipelago provides a program for visitors to experience the culture and hospitality by the Bahamians through informal and genuine setting.

The common climate of the Bahamas paradise island ranges from 60 to 90 degrees in Fahrenheit. Situated near the Atlantic Ocean, the 70, 000 square miles beautiful Bahamas paradise island provides myriad potentials of a wonderful escapade.