Bahama Breeze

Bahama Breeze is located in Eleuthera, a long slender tranquil island in the Bahamas. It features astonishing number and variety of untouched beaches and pleasant assortment of vibrant peaceful villages. If you’re the type who wants be in the Bahamas but wants to get away from the bustling Nassau or Freeport with huge hotels, casinos and cruise ship crowds, or the marinas of the Abacos attracting yachting scene from Florida, then Eleuthera will be the perfect place for you, it will seem the world away.

The Bahama Breeze’s location can allow you those long quiet strolls for miles on a dazzling pink sand beach and just be alone with your thoughts. You may also take pleasure in the contentment of stunning snorkeling off of the beach which is just at the doorstep of Bahama Breeze villas. A nearby wonderful beach which is well-known for surfing can be another exploration for you, or other remote beaches hiding amongst the cliffs for some best bone and sport fishing. Other attractions you may find includes caves and caverns to explore, striking seaside cliffs, and the Glass Window Bridge where the island sits with the deep green restless Atlantic on one side and the shallow, placid turquoise Caribbean on the other broadened towards their never-ending horizons.

When evening comes, you can sip tropical punch while dining at a quiet restaurant while gazing at the breathtaking sunset, or a barbecue of your freshly bought fish from local fishermen on the deck of the villa that overlooks the radiant sea.

The Bahama Breeze is a villa that is newly constructed, centrally air-conditioned, three- bedroom with two bathrooms, comfortably furnished, with modern full service kitchen. The villa is in a quiet location right at elegantly beautiful Rainbow Beach. The Bahama Breeze is just short drives away from many other beaches that have their own unique charms that could enchant you, whether your pleasure is snorkeling, surfing, fishing, sunbathing, collecting the perfect shells, or just dreamy strolls along miles of empty radiant pink sand by the Azure Sea.

The Bahamas Breeze villas have housekeepers the visits and clean regularly upon the departure of guests, but you can arrange additional cleanings during your stay. A caretaker can meet you upon arrival and bring you to the villa, and can be asked for meeting special needs, including car rental. A rental car is not really necessary because the location is at the beach and can drop by a market before going to your villa. Car rental is highly recommended though for those who want to make it easy to go through all of the beaches in Eleuthera, and for going to good restaurants and a tennis court which are a short drive from the villa or going to the nearest store which is two miles away. A homecooked Bahamian food can also be arranged to be delivered to your doorstep.

Rates for the Bahama breeze per night is at $175.00 for a minimum of five nights stay, per week or seven nights is at $1200.00 or 700 UK pound sterling or 1450 Canadian dollars. Rates are for up to a maximum of six guests and it may change due to seasonal variations and other special considerations. Calling them for more inquiries or reservations for your plans of stay at the Bahama Breeze is advisable.