Anguilla, a Tiny Piece of Paradise

Anguilla is a minuscule island which lies in the northeast tip of the Caribbean Sea. Anguilla is a British overseas territory and is one of the northernmost islands part of the Leeward Islands in the Lesser Antilles. The island capital is The Valley. It is in the vicinity of St Martin ( which is to its south) and the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico to its West. The isle has more than 30 beaches, and these are some of the most beautiful in the Caribbean and have pristine pure white sands and crystal clear azure waters.

The island of Anguilla is a year round destination. Blessed with a tropical climate, Anguilla is dry and it does not rain much here. Some tropical showers are seen, but these lasts for very less time. There is always a cooling breeze that blow continuously and helps in keeping the climate cool and pleasant. The temperatures reach 80’s and cools down in the evenings. During the winter season which is from December to April, Anguilla experiences a mild winter, and travelers all over the world come here to seek sanctuary from the cold that falls all over North America and Europe. This is the peak time for tourism in Anguilla. In April, the weather takes a shift to warmer.

Anguilla beach

Anguilla beach

Anguilla Facts

Official Name



The Valley


102 Sq Km (36 Sq Miles)



Country Code


Languages Spoken



Eastern Caribbean Dollar (XCD)

Money Exchange ( at the time of writing )

1 USD=EC$ 2.67–1 GBP=EC$ 5.31

How to get to Anguilla


Anguilla has the airport, the Wallblake Airport, which serves the island. Caribbean Airlines have flights to Anguilla from Puerto Rico and St Marten Islands. There are no flights to Anguilla from North America, Europe, Asia or Australia. To reach Anguilla, take flights to the neighboring islands of Puerto Rico, Antigua, St Marten, or Antigua. Charter flights which are available from Blowing Point to St Marten’s queen Juliana Airport are another option.


Ferry Services are available from Marigot, capital of St Martin to Blowing Point in Anguilla and is accessible in 20m minutes.

Entry requirements

A valid passport, a visa and return or onward ticket is required to enter Anguilla. U S A and Canada citizens are exempted from visa requirements if staying for a short time.

The Beaches of Anguilla

It is surprising that an island of Anguilla’s tiny size has so many beaches. There are close to 35 beaches in the island of Anguilla. The main beaches in Anguilla are Shoal’s Bay Beach, Blowing Point Beach, Sandy Island, West Shoal Bay, Maundays Bay, Cove Bay, Barnes Bay, Blackgarden Bay, Captains Bay, Cove Bay, Elsie Bay, Corito Bay, Dog Island, Dropsey Bay, Forest Bay, Island Bay, Limestone Bay, Katouche Bay, Lockrum, Sandy Island, Hill Bay, Road Bay, Meads Bay, Dog Island, Little Harbour, Sherricks Bay, Turtle Cove, Windward Point Beach. It is an immense benefit to have so many beaches, as there are a number of beaches that cater to all needs, tastes and moods. Wherever you are in Anguilla, there will be several beaches within minutes of each other. This is not inclusive of the off shore beaches and tiny islands.

Anguilla is not the place to head if you are fond of nude bathing, as the values here are rather traditional. There are no clothing optional beaches in Anguilla. Not even topless bathing is allowed. Also in public areas besides the beaches, revealing clothing should not be worn. Topless for men and bikini’s for women are frowned upon.