A visitors’ guide to Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico

If you find yourself on the southwest portion of Puerto Rico and are looking for a great place to visit, head on over to Cabo Rojo, the capital of tourism on that part of the island. Cabo Rojo is perhaps one of the best destinations for Puerto Rico all inclusive vacation to go to if you are looking for beaches to comb, waves to surf, or great restaurants to frequent. The 47,000 plus residents within the 75 square mile city are welcoming to the thousands of tourists each year and thrive on visitors as it has become part of the local culture to have them around.

A Few Quick Facts About Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico
If you are worried that you will have to speak Spanish in order to get by in Cabo Rojo, don’t worry about that as most of the locals understand and speak English or can at least get their point across if needed so don’t worry about that. Like everywhere else in Puerto Rico, Cabo Rojo uses the American dollar so currency exchange will not be an issue, and the city; which was founded in 1771; has plenty of restaurants, stores, and banks for you to spend those dollars at.

Cabo Rojo Puerto Rico

Attractions and Activities
Perhaps the biggest draw to the town are the numerous pristine Caribbean beaches to include Boqueron Beach, El Combate Beach, and Punta Real Beach. Cabo Rojo is actually the home to more Blue Flag beaches than any other single local on Puerto Rico which makes it a major draw for families and individuals alike. Other aspects of the terrain that draw the attention of visitors are the dozens of underwater and exposed caves that can be explored as well as the picturesque red-colored cliffs that grace the shores of Cabo Rojo’s domains.

If beaches, caves, and beautiful surf are not your thing than perhaps going to the famous Los Morrillos Lighthouse will tickle your fancy. The lighthouse; locally referred to as El Faro; was constructed in 1881 on top of the threatening limestone cliffs at the southwestern most portion of the main island of Puerto Rico. It was first lit in 1882 and was destined to guide countless vessels through the dangerous Mona Passage between the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean. It was one of the most significant lighthouses in the region and continues to draw much attention from thousands of tourists each year.

Cabo Rojo beach

Salt Mines and Festivals
Adjacent to El Faro are the Western Hemisphere’s oldest salt mines which are presumed to be the oldest industrial outpost in the Western Hemisphere as well. Many portions of the salt mine are closed due to safety concerns but there are still guided tours that can be taken of less dangerous portions. You can also explore the old Cathedrals in the town or just wander around the streets and see what you can stumble upon.

If you find yourself in Cabo Rojo between the months of May and September you might come at the right time for one of the eight festivals that occur during this time span to include the Watermelon Festival and the Oyster Festival. A majority of the residents pitch in to make it a city-wide event and if you happen to be around when they are going on, you will be in for a real treat.

Cabo Rojo

No matter what it is, Cabo Rojo has it; with the exception of an amusement park, but the region makes up for it with the dozens of beaches, great fishing opportunities, and other activities that were surely delight you and your family.