A Guide to Guadeloupe beaches

The French island of Guadeloupe located in the Caribbean is a haven for beach travelers al over the world. The unique intermingling of everything that is French as well as an integral island culture of its own makes Guadeloupe one of most rewarding destinations in the Caribbean. There is no dearth to beautiful beaches here in the island, and the pristine stretches of sand plus clear waters make for one of the best reasons to visit Guadeloupe. Indeed, numerous travelers all over the world have made this island their preferred beach holiday spot just for this reason. The island has a luscious coastline that is kissed by tepid, azure waters with swaying palm trees lining the beach. Also the cool breezes that the constant trade winds are responsible for make sure that the tropical weather remains clement. Truly a beach bums paradise, Guadeloupe sees increasing number of travelers here every year.

Desirade Guadeloupe

Desirade Guadeloupe

A truly heavenly variety of beaches, a cornucopia of snow white, as well as an assortment of black sand beaches, exotic in the at most. There are beaches with golden brown sands especially in the windward side of Guadeloupe. In the area close to the mangrove forests, there are some pebble filled beaches. The beaches at Salako are also exceptional. The west end beaches are cliff filled, and these stand towering over the shallow waters filled with coral reefs. These coral reefs have an abundance of marine wealth. The Basse – Tare region has a lot of black sand shore. In the midst of all this diversity there is one unifying factor that is common with all of the beaches in Guadeloupe, crystal clear waters plus some pristine sands. Heavenly in the pinnacle, these beaches are matchless in beauty.

On the south coast of Grand Terre, the waters of the Caribbean kiss the sands, and here, the water is both warm as well as more tranquil when compared to the Atlantic Ocean waters. There are lagoons which are perfectly sheltered. As you go west from here, there are sugary sands, which turn darker in shade as you go more and more to the north. To the east of the capital, the beaches are sparser and there is less number of beaches.

Guadeloupe beach

The following is a list of the main beaches in Guadeloupe categorized according to location.

Anse de la Gourde
Anse du Souffleur
La Porte d’Enfer
Anse Laborde
Anse de Vieux Fort
Le Moule
Anse Bertrand


Callinago Beach
Ilet du Gosier
Creole Beach
Anse Canot
Arawak Beach
Anse Crawen
Petite-Anse Plage
Caravelle Point
Tarare Salako Beach


La Grande-Anse
La Plage de Cluny
Plage de la Malendure
Plage des Caraibes