Yachting in the Caribbean

Yachting in the Caribbean can be a lot of fun , and a lot of challenge. How you yacht will depend on you. Do you join a crew and help man the helm or charter a luxury yacht and relax on deck sipping rum punches watching the sun set while your hired crew does all the work and prepares the dinner? Both experiences and everything in between are available for the right price!

Finding the right yacht is the first obstacle, but an easy one to overcome. Just Google Caribbean Yacht Charters, and you come up with over 500,000 links in just 0.3 seconds! Don’t panic, there is no need to check out all 500,00+, just the first few listing will give you variety to choose from, and at a wide selection of prices. Do you want a mega yacht or something smaller? Try this link to sort them out? Or maybe you want it fully crewed with gourmet cooking, so this link is better. These companies do have boats throughout the Caribbean Islands and where you start from is another challenging choice to make.


All the Caribbean is fantastic with beautiful beaches and lovely sunsets, but each area will be different and sometimes the season can effect your decision. In the winter it is nice to be in the Leeward Islands, this is the northeastern Caribbean. There are cheap flights into Puerto Rico, Antigua, and St. Martin, all are hubs with connections to surrounding destinations. In the summer, go further south to avoid the storms and hurricanes. Windward Airline hubs include Barbados and Trinidad.

You’ve decided on your yacht and on where you want to start, now comes the challenging part of deciding what to do! Should you just sail around your starting point, relaxing on the deck and escaping all the noise and crowds found ashore or should you use that yacht to visit as many places as possible, your own personal traveling hotel room? If you stay in one spot, you may not see much of the Caribbean, but it should be a peaceful vacation with few problems.

antigua yachting

Yachting around the Caribbean can be exciting and fun, and not that much of a problem if you just remember a few simple things. First, keep your papers handy, you will need them at every port plus the occasional spot check by the coast guard. Take the crew’s advice, they know these waters and countries, so can tell you what to expect. No guns or drugs, the islands are getting strict about that. Take any needed medications with you, you may not be able to get them. And visit the islands, explore!

virgin-islands yachting

The islands all are different, yet similar. Nevis has the history of Pirates, Horatio Nelson, and Alexander Hamilton. but its sister isle of St. Kitt’s has Sugar trains and Brimstone Hill, the Gibraltar of the Caribbean. Grenada has spices and Montserrat is an exploding volcano while little Saba is the Number 3 spot diving in the world. Yachting the Caribbean will give you a chance to see all of these tropical locales!
Yachting can be a great way to explore the Caribbean.