Varadero Beach

Varadero has a history that can be best described as stuff for legend. Buccaneers, in ancient times, chose the sands of Varadero Beach as the hiding place for their plundered goods – chests of doubloons, galleons, and jewels. There is a cave here that is a remnant from that time, called The Pirate cave that now functions as a cave night club that has on display the chests and guns that are said to have belonged to the daredevil pirates. However, even legend will pale before the Varadero beach’s actual claim to fame, the pristine beach here, stretching for fourteen miles of luscious snow white sand, and with crystal clear and calm waters alongside.

The Varadero beach has acquired fame as a beach destination par excellence because of the beach. The Caribbean is of course at its very best here, plus a lot many aspects that are unique to the beach. The tropical weather here makes it a year round destination. The beach here has a whole range of elements that make it among the one stop destination with regards to all kinds of beach attractions, from coral delights, more than forty different types of delicate coral, virgin keys, caves and coves, innumerous hotels and resorts. The marine wealth here is also incomparable, makes for a heavenly experience while diving. There is a huge diversity in turtles and fish here, as well as close to seventy different mollusk species.

The Varadero beach is a veritable paradise if you are a water sport enthusiast. There are a huge number of water sports on offer here, whatever you preference, you will certainly have fun here. Almost all nautical activities can be had here, from surfing, water skiing, diving, snorkeling, sailing, boating, yachting and others. Diving is actually the highlighted activity here the rich animal life has made it so rewarding. There are a host of excellent diving spots at the three marinas here – Gaviota, Puertosol and the Chapelin.

Diving here is among the heavenliest activities you could imagine doing. The waters here are crystal clear and provide amazing visibility levels almost all through the year. The waters here are populated by a cornucopia of sea creatures, all of them move around in the waters in shoals. There are a huge number of minute and vibrantly colored animals, plus more that forty different varieties of coral here. The sight of these minuscule creatures moving around in shoals and making plays of colors ion the waters transforms diving into nothing less that a psychedelic experience.