Coconut Bay Resort St Lucia

Coconut Bay Resort St Lucia is one of the best resorts in the Caribbean islands. There are a huge number of reasons why the hotel is one of top options for accommodation in the island of St Lucia. The resort is an ocean front property sprawling for eighty five acres in the beach. There are a huge number of excellent facilities and amenities in the resort, and makes for a great experience for the travelers.

There is no dearth of quality here. The facilities and amenities at the resort are custom designed so as to be of the utmost comfort and convenience to the guests. Customer satisfaction is deemed paramount here. Continue reading “Coconut Bay Resort St Lucia” »

St Lucia Holidays

St Lucia Island is a minuscule island paradise located in the Caribbean, and is located at a distance from Central America. The island is one of the most relaxing Caribbean islands ever, and is home to a number of ultra luxury hotels that have some excellent facilities and services. There are some great St Lucia holidays on offer. The island has some refreshing terrain, mountains and valleys making for a plethora of opportunities for all manner of adventure activities. The island is also located between both the Atlantic and the Caribbean. There are a whole range of traditional as well as ultra modern facilities, as well as whole number of some excellent white sand beaches. Continue reading “St Lucia Holidays” »