Varadero, Cuba – A Complete Destination

Varadero is a multifaceted destination in the Caribbean island of Cuba. Just the same as Cuba itself, Varadero has a huge number of sandy beaches, but this is not all. There are assortments of attractions other than the beaches.

The culture of the city is one of the most rewarding, as is the nightlife and dining options. The city has quite a few options for entertainment. There are a good number of sights related to nature and flora and fauna as well. Continue reading “Varadero, Cuba – A Complete Destination” »

Varadero Cuba resorts

Varadero is the ideal destination to head to if you are a lover of pristine stretches of sand kissing crystal clear aquamarine waters. The Cuban beach resort has the best of what the Caribbean has on offer for beach lovers, plus a lot of aspects unique to Cuba that make the country such a rewarding destination. Make sure that you get a glimpse of the unique culture, music and lifestyle, plus taste some excellent cigars, while you are in this wonderful resort. Continue reading “Varadero Cuba resorts” »