Grotto Bay Beach Resort

Grotto Bay Beach is among Bermuda’s most charming resorts. It derives its name from the grottos or the underground caves found in the area. The resort is placed at the eastern part of the island of Bermuda, and is surrounded by tropical flowering plants and green trees. The resort sits in a beautiful twenty one acres of land in the Hamilton Parish of Bermuda. The Airport is about a stone’s throw away from here. Continue reading “Grotto Bay Beach Resort” »

Bermuda tourism

The Bermuda Islands is an overseas territory part of Great Britain. Although Bermuda is a group of islands, an archipelago, it is simply known as and referred to as just island, rather than ‘Islands’. Bermuda Islands, although considered by geography experts as technically too far north to be part of the Caribbean Islands, is nonetheless included in many lists of the Caribbean islands. Bermuda is the last remaining territory in North America that has been under the British Empire. Bermuda sits in the Atlantic, to the north of the Caribbean. It is at a distance of about 1,030 kilo meters from the coastline of North Carolina in the United States. Continue reading “Bermuda tourism” »