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El Yunque National Forest

Situated on the United States island of Puerto Rico, the El

Tibes Ceremonial Park

A hurricane brought massive flooding to the Tibes section of Ponce

San José Church

Gothic churches are rare in the New World, but Puerto Rico

San Cristobal Fort

Fort San Cristóbal stands guard at where once was the eastern

Porta Coeli

Located in the southwestern town of San Germán, Porta Coeli Museum

Maunabo Lighthouse

The little town of Maunabo is located precisely at the point

Hacienda Buena Vista

In 1833 a Spaniard who emigrated from Venezuela to Puerto Rico

Caguana Ceremonial Park

When the first Spaniards arrived on the island more than 500

Arecibo Radio Telescope

In the northwest mountains of the island, nestled among the karst-country

Top Puerto Rico Attractions

Puerto Rico offers nothing if not diversity. On one small island,