Dominican Republic Destinations: Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo is one of the most interesting cities in the entire Caribbean. It offers just about everything a traveler could possibly want in a tropical locale, from fine dining to cultural landmarks to some of the best beaches in the Dominican Republic. To tourists who have been there once this is the city that sells itself. Continue reading “Dominican Republic Destinations: Santo Domingo” »

Traveling through the Dominican Republic

Whether or not you have any problems traveling through the Dominican Republic depends to a large extent on whether you have reservations in a popular tourist destination or if your hotel is in a remote area of the country. The most convenient methods of transportation to use are shuttle flights from the airports within the country, taxis that can carry small or large numbers of passengers and public buses. Many visitors to the Dominican Republic choose to rent a car and drive themselves around. Continue reading “Traveling through the Dominican Republic” »

Dominican Republic Resorts

What is better than spending your vacation in the Caribbean? Of course, being there and spending less. The Dominican Republic has become one of the most-visited places in the Caribbean. The numerous all-inclusive Dominican Republic resorts have been the major crowd-drawers. The country’s economy has increased with the development in its tourism industry. Continue reading “Dominican Republic Resorts” »