Breezes Curacao

Curacao is one island in the Caribbean that has a definitive Dutch flavor to almost every aspect. Curacao is a pristine paradise that is among the best holiday destinations in the Caribbean. There is a whole range of activities and attractions here that make for a wonderful holiday. The beaches here are pristine stretches of sand that are picture perfect in their beauty. There is a whole number of attractions here. The snow white sands and the crystal clear blue waters here make for some heavenly beach experiences. Continue reading “Breezes Curacao” »

Papagayo Beach Resort

The Papagayo beach resort is located at the Jan Theil Bay which is placed on nthe south side of the Island of Curacao, in the Netherlands Antilles. The beach resort is located at a mere distance of thirty minutes from the international Airport here ( Hato International Airport). It is also extremely conveniently located from the capital city of Curacao, Willemstad, it is just a quick fifteen minute drive from the hotel to Willemstad. The location is perfectly convenient and accessible, and is an excellent base because of the convenient location. Continue reading “Papagayo Beach Resort” »