Travel destinations: Mayaguez, Puerto Rico

Located in the center of the west coast of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez is the island’s fifth largest city. The city has historic sites, architecture and attractions that rival those of San Juan and Ponce and is close to the Western Mountains for those who want to enjoy an exceptional outdoor experience. It is one of the prettiest mountain towns on Puerto Rico. Continue reading “Travel destinations: Mayaguez, Puerto Rico” »

A visitors’ guide to Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico

If you find yourself on the southwest portion of Puerto Rico and are looking for a great place to visit, head on over to Cabo Rojo, the capital of tourism on that part of the island. Cabo Rojo is perhaps one of the best destinations for Puerto Rico all inclusive vacation to go to if you are looking for beaches to comb, waves to surf, or great restaurants to frequent. The 47,000 plus residents within the 75 square mile city are welcoming to the thousands of tourists each year and thrive on visitors as it has become part of the local culture to have them around. Continue reading “A visitors’ guide to Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico” »

Puerto Rico vacation experiences

Puerto Rico one of the most beautiful places on earth and indeed its treasure chest to be explored. Caribbean is a dream destination for most of people all over world and visiting Puerto Rico is complete package for Puerto Rico is island of Enchantment. Puerto Rico is jewel box of nature and even man made activities. Sharing with you, the list of exciting experience which you can do in Puerto Rico: Continue reading “Puerto Rico vacation experiences” »

Puerto Rico, a Veritable Paradise

Puerto Rico is a heady mixture of American efficiency and the relaxed Latin atmosphere. The heavenly locales, cosmopolitan population, cultural diversity and natural beauty make Puerto Rico one of the most loved island destinations in the world. Many consider Puerto Rico the star of the Caribbean. Literally meaning “rich harbor” or “rich port” Puerto Rico is indeed rich, with an abundance of heavenly beaches, exquisite natural beauty, illustrious history and above all, a pleasant and warm people. Continue reading “Puerto Rico, a Veritable Paradise” »