Best Places to Visit in Jamaica – Budget Friendly Travel Options

Jamaica is a beautiful island rich in culture and activities. The locals are for the most part, very friendly and the many outdoor shops provide inexpensive locales to get a taste of culture to bring home with you. There are so many places to see in Jamaica and so many things to do, especially for the budget minded traveler. Continue reading “Best Places to Visit in Jamaica – Budget Friendly Travel Options” »

Travel destinations: Negril, Jamaica

As the bright yellow Air Jamaica jet banks over Montego Bay (Mo Bay to the locals) preparing to land at Sangster International Airport, you are presented with a multi-colored scenario which should be on a picture postcard and is. This fabled and picturesque bay, once graced with pirate ships and Spanish galleons, is now home to many cruise ships from all around the world. Continue reading “Travel destinations: Negril, Jamaica” »