Shark diving in the Bahamas

Shark diving can be an exhilarating experience, and is available in almost every part of the Bahamas. Imagine experiencing these interesting and sometimes fearsome creatures up close and personal, even swimming among them as they feed. There are many different diving centers to choose from that offer guided shark dives. Some of the shark dive centers require you to be a certified diver to participate in the shark dives, while others accept novices with no certification. Continue reading “Shark diving in the Bahamas” »

Best Bahamas Vacations: Freeport or Nassau

Which is the best place in the Bahamas to vacation? Freeport or Nassau? I have to say, I am torn which one to pick. They both had their share of exquisite experiences. If I really had to choose, I would select Freeport, because it was more authentic and culture-laden. (My eight day vacation included three nights in Freeport, a local flight to Nassau, one night on Paradise Island in Nassau, and four nights in Nassau itself.) Continue reading “Best Bahamas Vacations: Freeport or Nassau” »

Atlantis Bahamas Resort

If you’re planning the dream vacation into the amazing islands of the Bahamas, then you’d probably want to be in a place where you can take pleasure in the beautiful white sand beaches of the islands as well as be able to explore, relax, have fun and do other startling things. If you’re seeking luxurious pleasures while being in an island, then Atlantis Bahamas is what you’re looking for.

Discover the various mysteries of Atlantis on the Paradise Island of the Bahamas. Continue reading “Atlantis Bahamas Resort” »

Bahamas holidays – Dive Dive and Dive

Bahamas islands are home to some of the most rewarding dive sites in the Caribbean, if not the world. There are a good number of sites here that can be dived in by most skill and experience levels. Wreck diving is the prominent aspect of Bahamas holidays, as the waters around the island is filled with an array of wrecks, there are a number of actual ships as well as a fair number of artificial scuttled ship dive sites. The plethora of wreck dives make for an adventurous and challenging dive experience. Seeing the marine life inhabiting the insides of the ships is a heavenly experience. Bahamas Holidays are the best way to appreciate the Diving here. Continue reading “Bahamas holidays – Dive Dive and Dive” »