Best Caribbean Beaches

The Caribbean is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the whole world. The pristine sands and crystal clear waters here make for some of the most idyllic beach paradises in the planet. The sheer numbers of beaches that exist in the seven thousand odd Caribbean islands make sure that there is no dearth to choice for beaches when you are in the Caribbean. There are thousands of heavenly beaches, most of them among the most beautiful and among the top most beaches in the world. The best Caribbean Beaches are heavenly locations. Continue reading “Best Caribbean Beaches” »

Best Caribbean islands to party

The Caribbean, with its well developed tourist infrastructure as well as culture, is among the top most travel destinations in the world. There are close to millions of travelers that come here in on a yearly basis. These regions are the most popular in the winter, when it is cold in the Americas and Europe. The Caribbean region has close to 50 destinations unique in themselves. The attractions held by the islands in the Caribbean are several; many visit the islands for the beaches, the natural beauty, the unique island lifestyle as well as the exciting nightlife. Continue reading “Best Caribbean islands to party” »

Puerto Rico, a Veritable Paradise

Puerto Rico is a heady mixture of American efficiency and the relaxed Latin atmosphere. The heavenly locales, cosmopolitan population, cultural diversity and natural beauty make Puerto Rico one of the most loved island destinations in the world. Many consider Puerto Rico the star of the Caribbean. Literally meaning “rich harbor” or “rich port” Puerto Rico is indeed rich, with an abundance of heavenly beaches, exquisite natural beauty, illustrious history and above all, a pleasant and warm people. Continue reading “Puerto Rico, a Veritable Paradise” »